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New Traditions

Keri Davis discusses a new tradition she has started with her daughter -- hiking to Clara Lake in autumn to see the larches. Keri also tells how slowing down to see the outdoor world through a child's eyes has enriched her own time outside.

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Heather Lake Hike

The name is a misnomer -- you won't find any heather growing along the edge of this lake. Nonetheless the hike through old-growth forest leading to this pretty lake tucked into knolls below the Cascade Crest is gorgeous and not to be missed.

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Learning the Hard Way

This is a condensation of Michael Lanza’s story: Learning the Hard Way: Backpacking Oregon’s Eagle Cap Wilderness. While backpacking with his family, his son had to realize the hard way that making mistakes was a part of the learning experience...
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Hiking and Bird Watching With the Kids

Children need fresh air and exercise to thrive. But how can you lure them away from the computer and play stations? How can we make them appreciate the outdoors and connect with nature and at the same time connect with us? Why not bond through hiking? 

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Bicycling by the Numbers

Carolyn Griffin-Bugert and her husband didn't let the blowouts and meltdowns that accompany young children keep them from pursuing their passion of multi-day bicycle trips.  A little flexibility and ingenuity has kept this family of five rolling on two wheels through the years.