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A Walk In The Clouds

This story of a canine friend made on an outing to Twin Peaks was written  late this fall by Glen Carlson. Those of us who have been visiting the area more recently on skis or snowshoes will still find Glen's musings appropriate. We're also likely to meet Luke, the dog featured in this story.

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New Traditions

Keri Davis discusses a new tradition she has started with her daughter -- hiking to Clara Lake in autumn to see the larches. Keri also tells how slowing down to see the outdoor world through a child's eyes has enriched her own time outside.

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Fall Photo Quiz

Whether you've been attacking the trails or anchoring down the couch lately, you can still get your fill of fall with this slide show. While you watch, test your savvy with trivia on fall ecology.

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Fall Photos and the Gospel of Marc

Marc Dilley sent us a handful of autumn shots to consider for Picture of the Week. They were too good to single out just one, so we compiled them all into a post and asked Marc to supply a few tips about how he created each picture. 

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Solitude in the Enchantments: Late October

Granite and Glacé

The long awaited day finally arrived. After trying, unsuccessfully to obtain a pass in the mid summer to hike into the Enchantments, we resigned ourselves to waiting until after October 15th, when a pass is not required. My husband, Randy, spent weeks preparing, making sure we had the right clothing and gear to climb late in the season. Now we were ready to ascend into the enchanted lands that were so close to our beautiful h...