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Nice A.S.S.

If you click on this post because you think WenatcheeOutdoors has tried to boost its ratings through porn, you’ll be sorely disappointed. This post is about Adventure Skate Skiing (ASS) or skate skiing in non-traditional areas like along groomed snowmobile trails. Find out the why, where, when, an how of it all here.
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Echo Ridge in Spring

The tangle of old logging roads along Echo Ridge (famous for Nordic skiing in winter) offers excellent opportunities for hiking, mtn biking, and running along fairly flat routes with expansive views over Lake Chelan and the high Cascades. This is an especially good area for beginning mountain bikers and our new map has all the newest trails.
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Ribbon Mesa Hikes

Charlie Hickenbottom sent us an interesting PDF listing hikes in the Ribbon Mesa area (near Entiat) and accessed from Highway 97. He compiled information about parking, approaches, and hikes in a PDF you can download. We've also summarized what you'll find at Ribbon Mesa to help you determine if Charlie's kind of exploration is your cup of tea.
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The Mad Dog Climb to McKenzie Saddle

We received an email from John Marshall describing this thigh-burning road ride in the Mad River area. It climbs steeply on paved roads to a high saddle with views over the whole valley. It's perfect for testing your fitness and inducing hallucinations.
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Copper Peak - SE Glacier

Information about this trip can be found here, as well as on the Summit Post link that is provided.
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Tyee Ridge Trail

Information for Tyee Ridge Trail can be found in this post, as well as the links that are provided.
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Local Trail Update

October 8. The newest trail updates: Which trails are open and which are still closed from the fires. Links to maps show what was closed as of October 4. We also have an update from the Land Trust with the details about which trails in the Sage Hills will be opening on Wednesday (October 10).

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Crow Hill and Graham Mountain

The guidebook says this of the short hike up Crow Hill, “From one of the highest trailheads in the Central Cascades, set out on a delightful sky-walking, horizon-spanning, flower-lined frolic into the cloud-piercing Chelan Mountains.” Writers hate all these phony adjectives...


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Rivers on the Rise -- Time to Run 'em

June 3: With most of the local rivers rising right now, we contacted Leavenworth Mountain Sports, to find out what they knew about river conditions, log jams, sweepers, and strainers on the Chiwawa, Entiat, Peshastin, Wenatchee, Icicle, etc. They knew quite a bit.


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Apple Century Bike Ride -- 22 Years Old

Since 1987 the Apple Century has been put on by the Wenatchee Sunrise Rotarians. Katie White explains why this century has become one of the favorite century rides and why it attracts between 900 and 1100 riders each year.