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Blue Grade

A nice ride or run that's close to town (only five- to ten-minute drive) with nice views down on the town of Wenatchee, over the Rocky Reach Dam, at Burch Mountain, and up the Columbia River.

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Sellar Bridge Bike Improvements

Bicyclist and pedestrians can now move freely from one side of the Columbia to the other, thanks to recent improvements to the Sellar Bridge by the Washington State Department of Transportation...
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Eastside Trail - Nature Trumps Development

Survey results about  the Eastside of the Loop were presented to a joint meeting of the East Wenatchee City Council and the Douglas County Commissioners on August 25. The message was clear: The large majority love the Eastside Trail the way it is.
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Synopsis: Loop Trail Meeting

On August 4, over 200 people showed up to learn more about the future of the Eastside of the Loop Trail and to fill out a survey. The most important way to be involved right now is to fill out the survey. In late August, the results of the survey will be presented.

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Eastside of the Loop ... Needs You

We weren’t the only ones to see a connection between the Loop and the Tour (see our post a few weeks ago). ESPN ran a story mentioning that connection. Link to that story here. Also read why the Eastside of the Loop needs your attention ... now.

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Bike Commuting - Tales of Joy and Fear

Jim Russell shares lessons learned from the seat of his bike. After trying it, he's discovered he likes commuting by biking. But as a community we have issues to overcome. Eveyone should try bike commuting occassionally and some of the issues will fix themselves.

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"Loop" Trail -- Apple Capital Loop Trail

This locally famous paved trail (10.5 miles around) uses 2 bridges to follow riverside parks and undeveloped lands bordering Wenatchee and East Wenatchee. Spur trails to the Loop also lead to Hydro Park (2.2 miles one way) and Lincoln Rock State Park (5.5 miles one way).
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Pedestrian Bridge - Transportation Forum

What’s all this talk about Wenatchee’s pedestrian-pipeline bridge? If the bridge is closed, will bicyclists and pedestrians have an alternative route between Wenatchee and East Wenatchee? How will new construction on the Sellar Bridge approaches affect that bridge? What’s planned for Sunset Highway, and the Wenatchee waterfront?  Come find out. ...
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Loop Trail Update - Time to Act

Currently much is afoot with both the Loop Trail and the Rocky Reach Trail, a proposed spur trail that would transport cyclists and pedestrians from the north end of the Loop to the Rocky Reach Dam. Read our update of what has taken place and how to get involved.

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Loop Trail Update

Here's what's happening with the Loop Trail -- and how to get involved