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Devils Gulch Alternatives

Devils Gulch is Central Washington's best-known mountain bike ride.  Less known is that from the upper trailhead of this famed ride, there are a half dozen other trails for hikers, trail runners, and mountain bikers to enjoy. Summer is a good time to ride these high trails.
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Devils Gulch Trail

This ride features buff trails, ponderosa pine forests, creek crossings, and steep sided canyons. The fires of 2012 had the trail closed earlier this spring, but the trail is open now and in good shape. Here are the details (and maps) of one the premier rides in the state.
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Mission Ridge Trail

This scenic trail parallels the Devils Gulch Trail but remains high on an undulating ridge system. The fires of 2012 torched some of the surrounding forests, but most of the area benefited from the fire and it's fascinating to see how the fire behaved here. The trail is clear of fallen logs now so ride it, hike it, or run it. 


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Saw two cougars on the Devils Gulch trail yesterday on a Mtn Bike ride.They were laying in the trail about a half mile below the intersection of the Mission Creek Trail and Mission Ridge Trail. We got a good look at them. Pretty big cats! Keep your eyes open if you are up there.
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Devils March - Skiing to Devils Gulch

Skiing or snowshoeing from Highway 97 over Tronsen Ridge and down into Devils Gulch -- is it a piece of paradise, a sampling of Perdition, or can Heaven and Hell coexist side by side? The Devils March supplies answers. Do it right and you'll travel memorable ridges. Doing it wrong can be memorable too. 
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Devils Gulch Trail

Described as one of the premier mountain bike rides in the state, this is also a beautiful hike on buff trails through ponderosa-pine forests. Because it is such a popular ride, hikers are advised to leave it for the heavy-metal crowd on weekends... unless they're walking early or late in the day.
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Winter in Summer?

Jo Lowe took this picture on Tuesday of the Women with Altitude hiking group near the Devils Gulch Upper Trailhead. How often do you run into a serious snowstorm in June at the 4,000-foot level? Weird. 

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Devils Gulch Alternatives

Statewide, Central Washington's best-known ride is arguably the Devils Gulch Trail. What is little known is that, from the upper trailhead of this best-known trail, there are a half dozen other excellent rides to enjoy.