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Riverfront Rock Gym Coming to Wenatchee in 2016!

The facility will be across from the Town Toyota Center, next to Walla Walla Park. There will be over 10,000 square feet for bouldering, top roping, and lead climbing. The bouldering area will feature 2 levels. The climbing walls will be 40 feet high with options for all skill levels.
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When Mini Becomes Mighty

John Plotz says, "A lot of my regular climbing partners have 'regular' lives beyond climbing. I have never quite understood this, but whatever. It does pose a problem when I can't rouse them to climb with me five days a week. In those partnerless times, I am never denied by my Petzl Mini-Traxion." In this article, John explains the beauty of the Mini. He also lists its dangers.

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Cashmere, Caroline and Cannonballs

With snow in the forecast for the high country I knew that I would have to escape to the mountains very soon if I wanted to have a dry, fair weather alpine hike. I decided to scramble up Cashmere Mountain which would allow me a reasonable departure time and relatively early return.
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Hawkin's Thimble Scramble

Roger Gervin reports on the tricky scramble up Hawkin's Thimble, a somewhat obscure but very worthwhile summit in the Teanaway drainage.

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Want a Climbing Gym? Weigh in.

Why go inside to climb? For starters: year round access regardless of weather, education, and to provide a social hub for the local climbing community. The Leavenworth Mountain Association is seeking your input on a future climbing gym for the greater Wenatchee Valley.

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Teanaway Peak

Teanaway Peak is one of many non-technical summits in the Teanaway River drainage, offering solitude along with expansive views of the Stuart Range and beyond.
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McClellan Peak Climb

Roger Gervin and friends recently climbed McClellan Peak -- one of the peaks rising above the Enchantment Lakes Basin. This is a scrambling peak with some patches of steep snow to ascend, some third-class rock to surmount, and some awesome views to enjoy.

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Clark Mountain and Boulder Pass

Clark Mountain, one of the highest peaks in the North-Central Cascades, is technically easy but physically challenging to climb. For some, Clark Mountain will be a peak too far and Boulder Pass, 2 miles east of the summit, will be a preferred way to enjoy the area.

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Shady Summer Climbing

June 09, 2015. With an early heat wave baking Central Washington, it was 98 degrees in the sun at Vantage yesterday. Using Charlie Hickenbottom's tips on how to work the shade, however, we climbed all day and hardly needed the chalk. We encountered a few climbers from Ellensburg, but the Seattle masses weren't about to brave all the heat. Luckily they don't know what Charlie does.

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Three Brothers - West Summit

This rigorous hike that will test your endurance, navigation skills, and off- trail walking. It will also get you to a less-visited summit with beautiful views of the Teanway Peaks and Stuart Range, and spectacular wildflowers.