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Climbing and Brownies

It has been a solid year since I last went rock climbing. A part of me wonders, if I haven't gone for a year maybe I don't enjoy it as much as I thought I did? Surely I would have made more of an effort to climb if I liked it a ton.                                     ...

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Clark Mountain and Boulder Pass

Clark Mountain, one of the highest peaks in the North-Central Cascades, is technically easy but physically challenging to climb. For some, Clark Mountain will be a peak too far and Boulder Pass, 2 miles east of the summit, will be a preferred way to enjoy the area.

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Castle Rock Classics - SW Face

Saber, Old Gray Mare, Crack of Doom, Canary, and Century are among the classic trad climbs on the southwest-facing upper wall of Castle Rock. Castle Rock is a large granite plug 2.5 miles west of Leavenworth and one of the state's best known rock climbing crags. These routes are on the right side of the upper wall.


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Cashmere Mountain: West Ridge

From the 8,000-ft saddle west of Cashmere, climb up the brief rock-strewn sandy/grassy slopes until a rock buttress forces you out onto the North Face slope. Contour across the north slope keeping an eye out for small cairns. The slope is steep enough and harbors enough snow patches to make things interesting.

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Cardinal Mountain: Standard West Route

From the trail camp at 6,700 ft in the meadow, 0.9 miles west of the summit, hike east through open forest until the forest ends in the basin west of Cardinal and below Pt. 8023. Eventually, the terrain will turn into talus and scree (or snow if earlier in the year). Your objective is the prominent 8,400-ft saddle above--the one between the North and Main summits.


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Cannon Mountain

Cannon Mountain is listed in the top 100 Peaks of Washington State as #38 at 8638 feet. It may be the most unknown mountain of this stature in the Enchantment region and probably the most neglected. Jeff Smoot calls it "a big but relatively inconspicous peak hidden at the western edge of the Lost World Plateau."

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Buck Mountain: West Shoulder

This route has seven distinct sections including The Trail, The Timbered Ridge, The High Pass Basin, The Ramp, The Berge-Buck Basin, The West Summit Approach, and The Final Push. The Final Push is longer than anticipated so you will want to have a fair amount of time to dedicate to this climb.


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Box Top Standard Route

On the S side of the ridge a gully separates The Boxtop from Little Boxtop, immediately W. Start from the base of that gully. Fred Beckey's Cascade Alpine Guide, Vol. I, Columbia River to Stevens Pass has you starting from W of Little Boxtop on the crest and traversing the S face of Little Boxtop to reach the top of the gully. If you're combining The Boxtop with Flake Tower, that's the way to go.

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Bonanza Peak: Mary Green Glacier

The trail leads up towards the ridge to the N. and W. After a couple hundred vertical feet, traverse out on S. slope of ridge to gain the northern margin of the glacier. Then traverse under face to snow thumb that leads onto the rock. Cross bershrund where feasable and ascend snow thumb to rock gully on right margin. Climb up and stay right. Climb several hundred feet and traverse over into next gully left. Climb this to obvious notch in .. ...

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Big Chiwaukum

Big Chiwaukum is the highest peak in the Chiwaukum Range, but sees only a few visitors each year. Peaks to the south that are closer to the Frosty Pass/Ladies Pass trail, such as Snowgrass Mountain, Ladies Peak, and Cape Horn receive much more attention. This scramble offers great views of the surrounding mountains and alpine lakes and can be done as either a long day-hike or an overnight trip. There are two ways of ascending this peak, from ...