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One Resolution

Molly Steere, tells us the story of her New Year's resolution when her son was 16 months old. Giving us insight into what perceptions she would need to have raising her son, while being in nature.


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Shrub Steppe'n Up Days - What You Missed

Every fifth grader in the district put science into practice during a full day outdoors April 15-17 at Saddlerock during the Shrub Steppe outdoor field experience where they studied plants, animals, and the ecosystem. A hike to the top of Saddlerock also gave the kids a unique perspective...

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Shrub Steppen Days

We received this message about volunteering for Shrub Steppe'n Up Saddle Rock this April. If you are interested in helping with this youth-meets-nature event, fill out the Volunteer Application or contact the event coordinators. ...
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Risks and Rewards - Skiing the Backcountry with Kids

Mike Lanza of The Big Outside sent us this piece about teaching his son Nate to backcountry ski. At age 12, Nate already views grueling uphill slogs as "an awesome opportunity to get exercise and be outdoors. The downhill is just an epic bonus." We like this kid.

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Mom Madness

Molly Steere describes her adventure in escaping the cabin fever and soft body that results from the parent trap of having a baby. She also shares lessons learned that other parents with young children might take to heart.  

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Children in the Natural World

Around the Wenatchee Valley nature is so accessible and yet most local kids have never walked up Saddle Rock or Sauer Mountain. Studies confirm exposure to nature helps kids. Get them out.