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Our Beloved Saddle Rock

A video produced by our local North 40 Productions and sponsored by local Chelan Douglas Land Trust. We are a community that blends fantastic conservation efforts and outdoor recreation opportunities. Lets keep Saddle Rock thriving in a conscious, leave no trace kind of way and celebrate what is this areas natural beauty.
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Celebrating Castle Rock

Despite the rain clouds trying to dampen the mood, the atmosphere was celebratory as 56 people congregated  on Wednesday  (May 13) to officially dedicate the new Castle Rock trailhead and trail. This trails is another big win that enhances the livability quotient of Wenatchee.

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A Call for Input

More than any other local group, the Chelan-Douglas Land Trust has enhanced regional conservation, preserved land, promoted smart growth, and enhanced our outdoor lifestyle. Now they need input on where to focus their resources. Take their survey.
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Lone Fir Spur Becomes a Road

 It’s only through dumb luck that the Lone Fir Spur, the three-year-old trail in northern part of the Sage Hills, did not get completely disfigured into a road. On the morning of October 24, a PUD bulldozer started blading the trail into a road that could accommodate heavy machinery...