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Transceiver Interference

Andy Dappen discusses an interesting article from Avalanche Canada about interfering electronics and objects that might render your avalanche transceiver useless. For those of you who use one, this is important to read. Your foil chocolate bar wrapper may hinder this life saving device.

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Avalanche ABCs for Snowshoers

An older post, but a good one to share. Let's get back to the basics for those peeps who don't have a lot of familiarity with snow. Learn the details about snow so you don't find yourself swimming in it.

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Sheep Mountain Avalanche Avoidance Tour

One wintertime beauty of the Highway 97 corridor over Blewett Pass is the enormous avalanche flexibility this terrain offers backcountry skiers and snowshoers. It’s an extremely rare day when you can’t find safe climbs and ski terrain somewhere along this corridor.
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Smartphone Apps: False Avalanche Protection

The Canadian Avalanche Centre sent out this information about several avalanche smartphone applications that claim to turn your smartphone into an inexpensive avalanche transceiver. Should you use these 'apps' to replace a dedicated avalanche transceiver? In a word...
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Avalanche ABCs for Snowshoers

For the third installment of our Snowshoeing course, Tom Janisch presented on avalanche awareness. These notes from the class give avalanche statistics, avalanche mechanics, evaluating hazards, slide warning signs, and field tests for snow stability. Thanks to Subaru, and the City Wenatchee for helping sponsor these classes.

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Avalanche Death at Stevens Pass

Sad news from Stevens Pass -- a Seattle snowboarder (20 years old) was  killed  late Sunday afternoon while skiing the Stevens Pass backcountry (Cowboy Ridge area). We don't have a detailed account, but here are the general details.
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Time to Upgrade?

We buy new skis and bindings, yet people are often reluctant to upgrade their avalanche transceiver. Here is a comprehensive list of reasons you may want to upgrade your current transceiver.  We're supportive of being penny wise, but not of being life foolish.
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'Tis the Avalanche Season

This is just a friendly reminder that the risk of avalanches is high right now.  NWAC is currently reporting a Considerable avalanche danger for the east slopes of the Washington Cascades on Saturday, bumping it up to High on Sunday.