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A Walk In The Clouds

This story of a canine friend made on an outing to Twin Peaks was written  late this fall by Glen Carlson. Those of us who have been visiting the area more recently on skis or snowshoes will still find Glen's musings appropriate. We're also likely to meet Luke, the dog featured in this story.

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Red-Gold Report

This post tells where to find fabulous fall colors. It also shows some of the autumn photos we're sent.  If you happen upon any great fall color changes and snap a few photos, feel free to post them with location details to the Red-Gold Report post on the WenatcheeOutdoors Forum. Updated October 17,2013.

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Fall Photo Quiz

Whether you've been attacking the trails or anchoring down the couch lately, you can still get your fill of fall with this slide show. While you watch, test your savvy with trivia on fall ecology.

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Fall Colors - What Causes Them, Where to Find Them Wenatchee National Forest produced this interesting article on why leaves change color in fall...and why colors are more brilliant some years than others... This post also links to beautiful autumn pictures taken locally.
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East vs West - Fall Colors

When it comes to fall colors, the Northeast is considered the country’s Holy Grail. But is their fall foliage really better than ours, or is it their marketing that's superior? Take a look here and tell us who really does autumn better.

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Fall Photos

Brenda Reid sent us three photos taken last weekend in Tumwater Canyon. They're pretty... and her descriptions of why she named them as she did are fun.

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Wenatchee River - House Run

This is 1.2-mile section of the Wenatchee River starting just west of Leavenworth is short and sweet. Milk its play spots. Surprisingly, this section of river is narrow and always seems to have enough water--even in late summer and fall.