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Lessons of the Nearly Crippled

A sobering tale of stupid fun gone awry. Even though this incident is now ten years behind him, skier Andy Dappen still considers December 7 to be a night of infamy. "My injuries have healed but the incident has curbed my behavior a little," he says. "I may still ooze stupidity but I'm less aggressive in the backcountry -- especially in low-snow conditions."
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Rock Mountain Ski Tour

This route is a non-nonsense ascent and descent of one of the higher peaks flanking Highway 2. From highway you immediately get down to business and climb over 4,200 vertical feet to the summit. Along with the big climb come big views and the big drop back down. 

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Swap Your Gear

The Leavenworth Ski and Gear Swap, benefiting LWSC, will take place on Sunday October 25, 2015. In Wenatchee, the Gear Swap benefiting the Chelan County Mountain Rescue Association takes place on November 6, 2015. Swap your dust collectors for gear you'll use.

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Quick Sticks

Doesn’t matter whether you’re talking Alpine skis, classic Nordic skis, skate skis, backcountry skis, the tips and tails of no-wax skis, or snowboards—if you use them much your boards will require glide waxing. Here are the ABCs for waxing your skis.

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Swimming the Enchantments

You may have hiked, climbed, or skied the Enchantments. But have you swum them? Mike Rolf's Picture of the Week (diving into Isolation Lake) should inspire more outdoor enthusiasts to use this hot weather to make the plunge.

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The Big Five (Universal Repair Kit for the Outdoors)

We'll be in and out of the office during the holiday season, so besides posting a few new items we're recycling a few items like this one that are still completely current. This post describes all-star repair items that you can use to fix almost everything that breaks in the backcountry. 

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Stevens Pass Nordic Area

Stevens Pass Nordic Center now open. The area opened December 3 with 28 km of groomed trails. Skiers reported excellent conditions.The area is open Saturday and Sunday for the next two weekends. Here's the info and maps for skiing the area.  


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Jay Creek to Icicle Ridge

The Jay Creek area provides snowshoers, telemark skiers, and Alpine-tourers a moderate climb out of the Icicle River Valley up to  Icicle Ridge. This broad, gladed ridge generally has lower avalanche risk than many other climbs up to the ridge crest. It also offers inspiring views across the Icicle River at Mt Cashmere and the Enchantments.

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Backcountry Repair Kit

We were sitting atop Diamond Head enjoying the long vistas out over Blewett Pass when I realized I could snuff the feel-good vibes with a teachable moment. "What's in my pack?" My daughter (an aspiring ski tourer) scored well but, like many, she forgot to think about equipment failures and field repairs.

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Snowshoe Review: Atlas Mountain 11 and 12

It was the most snow they’d seen in southeast Utah since 1967. In the Grand Gulch where two of us intended to hike, we were told to expect snow… lots of it. So we  brought snowshoes to test. It was demanding ground and both the Atlas Mountain 11 and Mountain 12 proved to be impressive go-anywhere snowshoes.