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Ptarmigan Traverse Extended Trek Part 2

Part two of the extended version of the Ptarmigan Traverse. Our eigth day started bright and sunny and we hiked through the Hanging Gardens. The area lived up to its reputation, consisting of a wide ridge with scattered high alpine meadows, flower fields, small lakelets, copses of trees, expansive views, and many idyllic campsites.
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Plain-old Nordic Skiing

There’s nothing ordinary about skiing Plain. For example, the hub of the Nordic action is a hardware store and the community’s economics are rooted in agriculture, ranching, and forestry. That would seem to make the community more of a Carhartts and snowmobiling place. Yet thanks to the seeds planted by one person, Nordic skiing has found a home here.

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Dream Job

What makes time stand still for you? What is something that makes you feel in the present moment? For this Alaska grizzly guide, being in nature with grizzly bears is what makes him feel alive and very happy. Inspire and get outdoors. ...
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Fortress and Chiwawa Doubleheader

A long valley hike is the gateway to this rock, snow, and heather paradise - and Fortress Mountain above it just happens to make a spectacular scramble in this dramatic setting.
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Heather Lake Hike

The name is a misnomer -- you won't find any heather growing along the edge of this lake. Nonetheless the hike through old-growth forest leading to this pretty lake tucked into knolls below the Cascade Crest is gorgeous and not to be missed.

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Shady Summer Climbing

June 09, 2015. With an early heat wave baking Central Washington, it was 98 degrees in the sun at Vantage yesterday. Using Charlie Hickenbottom's tips on how to work the shade, however, we climbed all day and hardly needed the chalk. We encountered a few climbers from Ellensburg, but the Seattle masses weren't about to brave all the heat. Luckily they don't know what Charlie does.

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Twin Peaks - 11 Must-Do Rides

Twin Peaks (aka Horse Lake Mountain) is the backyard peak of the Lower Wenatchee Valley. The peak feels a world away (rather than a few miles removed) from the Wenatchee Valley. The flowers are beginning to  burn off in the lower hills around town but they are still spectacular up on Twin Peaks.

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Red Devil Run

The Red Devil Challenge Trail Runs are coming up on May 31. There will be a 10K and and 25K run and the details of the event listed here. Even if you don't want to run this as an event, keep in mind the route on any other day is a good recreational trail run and an excellent mountain bike ride.

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Yakima Skyline 50K

Local athlete, Laura Valaas, describes the experience of running her first 'ultra,' a 31-mile ridge run close to Yakima that delivers 9,500 vertical feet of gain. It's a story of perseverance, wounds, medals, and stitches.

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Hiking the Ginkgo Petrified Forest

There are two main trails near Vantage in the Ginkgo Petrified Forest, one of the world's largest petrified forests. The first is the Ginkgo Interpretive Trail, a flat but interesting three-mile stroll. The Backcountry Trail, meanwhile, is five miles long and takes you past more petrified logs and accesses more viewpoints overlooking the Columbia River.