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Visit to Mordor

I was anticipating our return to Duncan Ridge. My wife and I had backpacked here with our daughters long ago -- before they had the nerve to grow up. Our return to this high ridge would be a stroll through an earlier time. Maybe it would feel like a return to the Shire.
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Tiffany Highlands - Epic or Stupid Adventurey?

A fine line separates an epic adventure from complete stupidity, as discovered on a unique alpine mountain bike loop through the Tiffany Highlands, an endeavor barely completed through the power of optimism.

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Lessons of the Nearly Crippled

A sobering tale of stupid fun gone awry. Even though this incident is now ten years behind him, skier Andy Dappen still considers December 7 to be a night of infamy. "My injuries have healed but the incident has curbed my behavior a little," he says. "I may still ooze stupidity but I'm less aggressive in the backcountry -- especially in low-snow conditions."
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Jumpen Jack Fox

This video was circulating several years ago. Even if you saw it then, it’s worth re-watching. And if this is the first time around for you, enjoy.

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A Walk Through the Chiwaukums

You've already done the Enchantment Lakes Traverse, so what's next as a challenging and spectacular fall-colors hike? Bill Wicheta gives an excellent alternative in this accounting of a traverse he took through the Chiwaukum Mountains a number of years ago.

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Xanadu Video - Dog vs Bike

Cody Trudell says when he first learned about Xanadu, one of our famous mountain bike rides, the videos he found were all taken with shaky helmet cams. He wanted to produce something better... and he did. Take a look.
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Yakima Skyline 50K

Local athlete, Laura Valaas, describes the experience of running her first 'ultra,' a 31-mile ridge run close to Yakima that delivers 9,500 vertical feet of gain. It's a story of perseverance, wounds, medals, and stitches.

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Open Season on the Sage Hills

The Sage Hills trails open for the season on April 1. Here, Shelly Forster writes about opening day a few years ago. Conditions on the trails this year should be excellent and we expect to find a whole mess of blooming wildflowers.
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Kicking Horse by the Numbers

The low-snow winter of 2015 us frustrated, but the Canadian snowpack is closer to normal. The problem becomes one of deciding where to go -- Apex, Silver Star, Sun Peaks, Revelstoke, Fernie?? In the end we decide on a place that kicks our butts.
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Hiking the Ginkgo Petrified Forest

There are two main trails near Vantage in the Ginkgo Petrified Forest, one of the world's largest petrified forests. The first is the Ginkgo Interpretive Trail, a flat but interesting three-mile stroll. The Backcountry Trail, meanwhile, is five miles long and takes you past more petrified logs and accesses more viewpoints overlooking the Columbia River.