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The Ptarmigan Traverse Extended Trek

“We were wanderers from the beginning.” Thus Carl Sagan begins his book Pale Blue Dot. How true for many of my friends and I, thus the lure of long wilderness treks in beautiful high country is hard to resist. Nature wanderers moving to NCW soon hear of the Ptarmigan Traverse......

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Kicking Horse by the Numbers

The low-snow winter of 2015 us frustrated, but the Canadian snowpack is closer to normal. The problem becomes one of deciding where to go -- Apex, Silver Star, Sun Peaks, Revelstoke, Fernie?? In the end we decide on a place that kicks our butts.
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Rediscovering the Groomers

Matt Dahlgreen admits to having become a bit of a snob when it comes to skiing groomed runs. Read here for his sad tale of comeupance... and redemption.  (He does want you to know that he appears in none of the photographs.)
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Wolves on Walkabout

A recap of a 1200-mile-long adventure following the trail of a GPS-collared wild wolf, named OR7, from its birth place near the Eagle Cap Wilderness to its new territory near the Oregon-California border. What does all this mean for wolves? And what does it mean for the Wenatchee River Institute?

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Conservation Northwest Wildlife Monitoring

“It's like Hiking 2.0,” says Conservation Northwest's Wildlife Monitoring Coordinator, Alison Huyett. When she explains wildlife monitoring, it sounds more like a mythic journey than science. Maybe it's both.

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Learning the Hard Way

This is a condensation of Michael Lanza’s story: Learning the Hard Way: Backpacking Oregon’s Eagle Cap Wilderness. While backpacking with his family, his son had to realize the hard way that making mistakes was a part of the learning experience...
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PCT Slideshow - Friday Sept 6

Gail Storey was not a hiker, but when her husband, Porter, resigned from his longtime job as the director of a hospice center in Texas to hike the 2,663-mile Pacific Crest Trail from Mexico to Canada, she refused to let him go alone...

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Navaho Peak

The summit of Navaho Peak delivers beautiful views of the Stuart Range, Miller Peak, and the peaks of the Teanaway watershed. It's at prize most local hikers and peak baggers will eventually want to claim.

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Backcountry Film Festival

Repost: This article was run a month ago, but it's back on top of the queue as a reminder that the Backcountry Film Fest is coming up this Thursday. Enjoy the cream of this winter's film crop and the region's best raffle of outdoor gear.

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Along a Wild Coast

This is an interesting story about a family’s experience hiking Washington’s Olympic Coast that is excerpted from Michael Lanza’s book, Before They're Gone. Now that the blazing temperatures of summer are upon us in Central Washington, a trip to the Olympic Coast is a great way to get outdoors without the fry factor.