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The Colors of Touring

My daughter paints in oils. One of her paintings of a goat’s face looks realistic from a distance but is a swatch book or color when examined closely. “There are so many colors within color,” she has told me. I decide to practice observing like an artist on an early morning ski tour.

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We Want To Hear From You!

Hello enthusiasts. We would like to be more encompassing in our articles and pictures so we would love it if you could email us some of your pics and trip reports. Your trips don't have to be extreme for you to send us photos or reports. Whatever draws you outdoors, we want to hear about it!

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Jumpen Rob Rabbit

This video is likely to drop your jaw just a hare as you watch the hareball antics of a hardcore rabbit. Also, follow this video to YouTube and watch some of the other avalanche videos that will follow this one... they will inspire you to learn how to jump like a rabbit.
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Northrup Canyon Hike

This hike near Steamboat Rock State Park offers interesting human history, geology, and natural history. It also offers excellent rubber necking as you enjoy the surrounding cliffs. Whether you come for the academics or the aesthetics, you should leave well pleased.
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I Need a Nature Prescription

Many of us intuitively sense that being outdoors keeps us healthy. We experience a sense of calm, solace, happiness, strength, or joy. An article called The Nature Cure, published in The Atlantic  this month, discusses why some doctors are now prescribing time outdoors.

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Star Potential - Star Lake & Star Peak

She wanted a larch hike that would compare with last autumn’s hike through the Enchantments. “What else should we try?”
“Star Lake and Star Peak, "I told her. "It's gorgeous at any time, but doubly gorgeous when the larches turn gold."
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Chelan Triskaidekaphobian Traverse

Jim Brisbine writes, "For our annual mid-summer climbing trip this year we departed from our pattern of western Cascade and Olympic destinations and headed into the northern Chelan Mountains. This was our 13th consecutive year of such trips and we probably should have known that Number 13 would present some unfortunate events ..."
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Wolverine Fire - A Ringside Seat

On his recent trip to Lake Stehekin, Wenatchee architect Brad Brisbine found himself being an observer of the Wolverine Fire that is currently raging nearby. Being keen about photography, Brad used his telephoto lenses to capture some spectacular images. 
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Night of the Inferno

The headquarters of WenatcheeOutdoors, a euphemism for the basement office from which the website operates, was in the path of the Sleepy Hollow Fire. Sunday evening a long fight took place to keep home and office from burning.
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Snake Identification and Snake Myths

Bullsnakes are common in our foothills and commonly confused as a rattlesnake missing its rattles (a situation that does occur). Unlike rattlers, bullsnakes are non-venomous and no more harmful than an ornery kitten. This article helps you tell these two snakes apart and debunks common myths. We've posted this story before but have added new information and  new photos.