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Rise of the 'Mids'

In the outdoor world where needed equipment is usually strapped to your back, less is often more. Such is the case with floorless tents that rise from a wide base to a narrow apex and are generally referred to as pyramids, megamids or ‘mids'. Read our biased report about why these tents rule.

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Wenatchee High School Ski Building

Teacher Doug Merrill writes about four seniors who took on an unusual design and construction project at Wenatchee High School (WHS) – they made their own alpine skis. The project was unusual enough that Governor Inslee paid a visit.
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Exceptional Outdoor Photos

Photographing the special moments that we all witness when we're outdoors can make the experience more meaningful and more powerful. Pictures also help us bring the outdoors indoors when we hang our favorite photos around the home. To help 'up' your photography game, consider these tips. 

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I Just Want to Go for a Hike

In the olden days when you wanted to hike, you grabbed a dog-eared map from the library, threw a compass in the pack, and went. Now many of us spend hours chasing the latest and greatest hardware and software to ensure that we'll have the best navigation tools. Matt Dahlgreen discusses a fast (and cheap) way to handle all your map and GPS needs on a smartphone.

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CalTopo - A How-to Guide

When it comes to free, online, topographic maps, it's hard to beat what the website,, offers. No other website that we've worked with at WenatcheeOutdoors boasts such a full complement of useful topographic maps and useful tools.
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The Scoop on Poop

It’s one of those topics we’d prefer not to think about, speak about, or even look at. We’d rather just sit on the toilet and let the whole mess flush away. In the backcountry, however, there often is no toilet. In lieu of the traditional cat-hole method, what do you do when nature calls?
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Everybody Out(doors) Day - June 13

What kind of nonsense is this… use National Outdoors Day (June 13) to go indoors so you can learn about the outdoors? The irony of this scheme is not lost on us, and yet if we want to convert the huddled masses to the church of the outdoors, to the indoors you must go. Which is why lots of us will be at Pybus Market on Saturday.

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Lifetime of Adventures

Keri Davis writes that before her daughter was born she thought that having kids meant 'game over' for adventuring outdoors. Not true. Keri also says she initially wanted "to give this little girl a lifetime of adventures." Now she's discovering it's working the other way around.

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From Road to Dirt

Adam Vognild discusses transitioning from road running to trail running. What are the benefits, gear needed, and hazards? How do you know where to go locally?  What resources and groups can help you? This piece has everything you need to get going.

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Man Against Mountain - Round Two

Brian Holt writes, "After my first lesson, skiing was something I was looking forward to. Knowing I would be headed up to Mission Ridge soon made a week of dreary, cold weather down in the valley much more tolerable. I kept visualizing what I learned the previous week..." In this article, Holt tells how he fared during his second lesson.