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A Ski for All Snowshoers

It was a world-record gathering of ‘Hoksters’ with 75 people arriving to learn about or to test 'Hoks,'  a product some call a sliding snowshoe, others a grippy ski. This short, wide ski has a permanent climbing skin covering half its length for grip going up and to control speed coming down.

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Hyper Light and Hyper White

My old pack was perfect…when I bought it. Its main drawback over the years was the opacity of its dark green and black fabric. That is when I was introduced to the Hyperlite Mountain Gear, Porter Pack...

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A Tale of Two 'Mids'

A review of two pyramid-styled tents: The Mega Light from Black Diamond and the Ultamid 4 from Hyperlite Mountain Gear. The Mega Light gets the nod for best value -- it's a quality product at an affordable price. The Ultamid gets kudos for being the best product, but the added space, increased strength, and reduced weight will cost you.

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Rise of the 'Mids'

In the outdoor world where needed equipment is usually strapped to your back, less is often more. Such is the case with floorless tents that rise from a wide base to a narrow apex and are generally referred to as pyramids, megamids or ‘mids'. Read our biased report about why these tents rule.

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Transceiver Interference

Andy Dappen discusses an interesting article from Avalanche Canada about interfering electronics and objects that might render your avalanche transceiver useless. For those of you who use one, this is important to read. Your foil chocolate bar wrapper may hinder this life saving device.

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PCT-Tested Favorite Gear

Rich Brinkman, a sociology professor at Wenatchee Valley College, walked the entire length of the Pacific Crest Trail this year. That's 2,660 miles of hiking combined with five months of living in the deserts, forests, and mountains of the West – which makes for an extensive gear test. Recently Brinkman shared thoughts about his favorite gear items. 

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When Mini Becomes Mighty

John Plotz says, "A lot of my regular climbing partners have 'regular' lives beyond climbing. I have never quite understood this, but whatever. It does pose a problem when I can't rouse them to climb with me five days a week. In those partnerless times, I am never denied by my Petzl Mini-Traxion." In this article, John explains the beauty of the Mini. He also lists its dangers.

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Swap Your Gear

The Leavenworth Ski and Gear Swap, benefiting LWSC, will take place on Sunday October 25, 2015. In Wenatchee, the Gear Swap benefiting the Chelan County Mountain Rescue Association takes place on November 6, 2015. Swap your dust collectors for gear you'll use.

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I Just Want to Go for a Hike

In the olden days when you wanted to hike, you grabbed a dog-eared map from the library, threw a compass in the pack, and went. Now many of us spend hours chasing the latest and greatest hardware and software to ensure that we'll have the best navigation tools. Matt Dahlgreen discusses a fast (and cheap) way to handle all your map and GPS needs on a smartphone.

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CalTopo - A How-to Guide

When it comes to free, online, topographic maps, it's hard to beat what the website,, offers. No other website that we've worked with at WenatcheeOutdoors boasts such a full complement of useful topographic maps and useful tools.