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Helicopter Training in Cascades - Public Comment

The Aviation Division of Joint Base Lewis-McChord has proposed a new mountain training area in North Central Washington. Until July 30th, the proposal is open for public comment. Update: JBLM Contact detail are now updated as of July 26th.

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Dream Job - Apply for it

“I want your job,” people have often told me. “You get to play outdoors all day and then write about it. What could be better than that?”  If you’re one of many who has given me some permutation of the above quote, it’s time to step up to the plate because I'm stepping down...

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Weeds - Quién es Más Macho?

When it comes to invasive weeds, which is the worst of the worst? If the FBI, for example, had a ‘Most Wanted’ weed poster hanging in the Cashmere post office, which noxious weed would be their No.1 Most Wanted? Or, by merit of badness being associated with toughness, which weed would be ‘Mas Macho?’ Here are a few of the rotten weeds you should be on the lookout for...  feel free to pull and dispatch them.

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Celebrating Castle Rock

Despite the rain clouds trying to dampen the mood, the atmosphere was celebratory as 56 people congregated  on Wednesday  (May 13) to officially dedicate the new Castle Rock trailhead and trail. This trails is another big win that enhances the livability quotient of Wenatchee.

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Does Outdoor Recreation Threaten Wildlife?

This article from the New York Times is interesting ... and uncomfortable. Outdoor recreation may be having more impact on wildlife than we want to admit. Whether we backcountry ski, snowshoe, hike, or even bird watch, our presence is felt.

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A Call for Input

More than any other local group, the Chelan-Douglas Land Trust has enhanced regional conservation, preserved land, promoted smart growth, and enhanced our outdoor lifestyle. Now they need input on where to focus their resources. Take their survey.
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Snowpack Analysis - How Bad Is This Winter?

This article was published recently in The Wenatchee World. The upshot of the snow surveys taken during this story: The Chelan Basin snowpack is at 80 percent of normal -- better than many of us might have suspected. Of course, one basin does not an entire East-slope snowpack make.

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Wolves on Walkabout

A recap of a 1200-mile-long adventure following the trail of a GPS-collared wild wolf, named OR7, from its birth place near the Eagle Cap Wilderness to its new territory near the Oregon-California border. What does all this mean for wolves? And what does it mean for the Wenatchee River Institute?

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Avalanche 'Risk Creep'

Bruce Bendickson sent us a link to a New York Times story recently. It's about risk creep among skiers. It's an interesting concept to ponder and partly explains why seasoned backcountry skiers get caught in avalanches.
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Mission Ridge Acquires More Property

Mission Ridge's owner, Larry Scrivanich recently purchased two parcels of land adjacent to Mission Ridge's permitted ski area operations amounting to about 800 acres. Scrivanich says The opportunity to acquire the property came up quickly, but that the ski areas has no plan yet as to how to use the property.