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2013 Wildflower Report

Photo: Yellow bells (lily family) are some of the earliest bloomers seen in our local foothills.

March 25, 2013.
We’ve been poking around our flower test site – a parcel of sage country near the Sage Hills between the elevations of 900 and 1200 feet with both eastern and southern exposures. So far  our list of blooming wildflowers is slim. We’re seeing Salt and Pepper (a type of desert parsley or lomatium), lots of prairie stars (saxifrage family), and bluebells (borage family).  

The arrow-leaf balsamroots (one of the dominant flowers around these parts) is budding and there are some plants in our plot that are close to blooming but the earliest individuals aren’t quite there yet and the majority of balsamroots are still quite a ways in the offing. It’s interesting to see this natural range in a species of flowers where there are outliers on both the early and late range. In the event of usual weather (unusually dry, unusually cold) these outliers may do better and make sure the plant as a specie adjusts to the vagaries of a particular year or to the vagaries of more long-lasting change.
Others have reported that they’ve seen limited numbers of sagebrush buttercups (buttercup family) and yellow bells (lily family) in the Saddle Rock environs. Lisa Robinson sent us this picture.

What have you been seeing out there? Either 'Comment' below or, better yet, add a 'Reply' to this thread at the WenatcheeOutdoorsForum.  With your help we’ll try to keep a good record of what flowers people are seeing as well as the where and when of those sightings. This information will be archived at the forum and it will be easy to compare from year to year what kind of variations we’re seeing in when flowers bloom and how the progression of what is blooming might change on any particular year.

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