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Best of WenatcheeOutdoors Photos

Since WenatcheeOutdoors’ inception in 2005 we've been greedily stockpiling some of the most beautiful outdoor photos from around the region. We’re not complete misers, however, so we’ve been leaking our treasure one one week at a time through the Picture of the Week on the homepage. We set photos on display for one week of fame, then re-cloister each picture in our archives.

However, with the onset of seductive spring weather and blue skies we realize we’ll need to work a bit harder to keep you in your chair and glued to our site. These gorgeous photos we’ve been hoarding might be our only chance in holding you against spring’s allure, so we’re releasing the most incredible photos in our archives through a new “Picture of the Week” slideshow.

Most of these photos are user-submitted, and all are from outings within or near the WenatcheeOutdoors territory. You’ll see many of the same names cropping up over and over in the watermarks (Marc Dilley, John Marshall, Shane Wilder, Peter Bauer,…). This isn’t to say that we think they’re the supreme gods of photography, but they are great at what they do. They also know our email address and keep the pipeline filled. Still, we’d love to add some new names to the rotation. If you have your own intriguing outdoor photos of the Wenatchee Valley and the surrounding region, send them to webeditor@charter.net. We can’t offer any payment, but we can at least bump up your cred with the few dozen friends and relatives that we know read this site.

Now--watch the slideshow, then get outside to shoot some incredible photos for us.