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The Man Who Climbed a Hill and Skied Down a Mountain

This looks rather hill like.

As Mike Rolfs and I skied up the snow-covered roads leading from the end of pavement up Canyon Number Two Road to the top of Twin Peaks (aka Horse Lake Mountain), Mike was wondering whether a peak that is nearly 4,700 feet high qualified as 'foothills' skiing. In my mind, Twin Peaks must be part of the Wenatchee foothills because it overlooks town and the water draining off the east side comes right down Number One Canyon into Wenatchee. But it is tall, so maybe I'm wrong -- maybe it's not a big foothill but a small peak in the Wenatchee Mountains.

But it's a hill delivering a mountainesque view.

Whatever the label, we toured up a hill and skied down a mountain early Friday morning. Our intent was to ski the long prominent East Ridge, and our first turns with sun burning the snow and valley clouds chocking the valley were beautiful. In our enthusiasm of following the good turns right in front of our noses, we ended up on the southeast ridge system dropping into Number One Canyon. No matter, it was still and interesting ski with powder coated rocks on the north side of the ridge and breakable crust on the south side of the ridge. Given those choices, the breakable crust was the preferred snow to rip up -- which Mike did while I followed tentatively behind.

Two pictures above: Mike Rolfs skiing down a mountain.

You can't get out of the Number One Canyon by following the drainage downhill because you come onto private property whose owners won’t appreciate your presence and you may be greeted by not-so-nice furry things filled with teeth or not-so-nice pointed things filled with lead. So to ski back here you need to be committed to climbing back up some part of Twin Peaks. (See a topo map.)

But it’s worth an exploratory trip. There's loads of interesting terrain hidden back here that's on a combination of BLM and Forest Service property  (see map)...and it's a remarkably wild place for being just one of the foothills of Wenatchee.

A few more pictures because, hill or mountain, it was a beautiful day in a wild place:

The view of the Dakobed Range, Clark (center) and Buck (second peak from right). Not a bad view off our backyard hill.

Above: Mike showing his race form while slaloming around a shrubbery course.

Above: We did spook a number of deer and they wasted winter calories (which are scarce) getting out of our way. Those who ski here might consider dispersing deer pellets freely as a calorie offset for intruding.

Mike's video of skiing the East Ridge of Twin Peaks.