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Fall Photo Quiz

Photo: Even the shrub steppe is putting on a show with great colors on the Horse Lake Reserve.

Smoke and rain may have kept all but the fiercest diehards inside this fall, but whether you've been attacking the trails or anchoring down the couch lately, you can still get your fill of fall with this brand new slideshow. While you watch, test your wits with trivia questions on fall ecology. Do you know how sage grouse prepare for winter, or how rattlesnakes stay warm when the sun cuts back on visiting hours?

If you just can't get enough fall photos, check out this post from the archives that pitted east coast vs. west coast foliage. Is the Northeast really King Autumn, or are the Cascades top of the leaf pile?

Photo: Silkweed or milkweed? A seed by either of these names would still disperse as far.