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Crazy Urban Skiing

Even though I have zero terrain-park ability and, formerly, no interest in terrain-park tricks, this video makes me rethink my limited view that ski adventures are about exploring the mountains. With this kind of skiing talent anywhere with snow, well at least a little snow, offers a ski adventure. I've watched this video several times and it's beautifully done. And, unlike so many ski videos these days, which are only about visuals, this one tells a story, making it doubly good.

Incidentally, Trail, British Columbia (where this was filmed) is roughly seven miles from Red Mountain. If you haven't skied Red, put it on the list. It has topnotch terrain, first-quality tree and off-piste skiing, an avid community of local skiers, and big powder dumps. In fact, it has everything needed to be a big-name ski hill except proximity to major cities and major airports -- which means it hasn't been Aspenized by real estate sales. Moreover it's only a 5.5- to 6-hour drive from Wenatchee.