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Glacier Peak Traverses - Book

 Glacier Peak from Image Lake-- another cool and spectacular photo courtesy of Marc Dilley.

We featured another book of Bob Kandiko's last year covering high traverses in the North Cascades. Kandiko's new book is even in more focused about high routes in our territory and features traverses on, around, and near Glacier Peak. You can preview the book on-line here. It's full of beautiful images that will give you wander- and glacierlust.

The book plants the seeds of spectacular routes worth taking, gives you enough detail to paint in the broad strokes of where to go, but doesn't try to lead you step-by-step through the area. It leaves lots for you to figure out on your own--which many of us appreciate.

If you like the book, you can purchase it at the same link shown above. This is a print-on-demand publication --a good way of handling low-volume photography books. We know several locals who ordered the last book we featured from Kandiko and the buyers were happy with the quality of the product, photos, and printing.