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Best Rides, Paddles and Hikes Around Wenatchee

This article was originally posted in 2011 when the second edition of Trips & Trails was published. Most of the second run has been snatched up, but you can still find copies at the Wenatchee Valley Visitors Bureau and the Chelan-Douglas Land Trust. 

In a monthly update discussing the doings of the Wenatchee Valley Sports Council, Eric Granstrom made this comment about hiking on Saddle Rock. It's a comment applying to everyone living in the lower stretches of the Wenatchee Valley:

"I took the girls for a hike up Saddle Rock a couple weeks ago and it was a blast.  And really, if you think you don't have the time, listen up. We left the house in East Wenatchee at 6 p.m. and parked at the WRAC at 6:15. We were up the hill eating our picnic dinner by 7:20 and back to the truck before dark at 7:50. The girls had a great time and it was fun for me to point out all the wildlife, scat, hoof and paw prints and let them choose the way up the trail. If you get a chance, go for it! If you're not sure where to go or for another hike idea, stop by our office and pick up a free copy of Wenatchee Valley Trips & Trails."


The Wenatchee Valley Trips and Trails booklet, which WenatcheeOutdoors provided the route information for, has 14 of the best bike rides, paddles, and hikes near Wenatchee, Washington that you can take right from (or within a few minute's drive of) town.

The original edition of this booklet ran through its print run and this second edition, which fixed a few map errors and substituted some new trails in the foothills for trips that now have access issues, is now also running short. Get a free copy before they're gone by stopping by the offices of the Wenatchee Valley Visitors Bureau (5 S. Wenatchee Ave) or Chelan-Douglas Land Trust (18 N. Wenatchee Ave), emailing info@wenatcheevalley.org, or calling 1-800-572-7753. You can also print a copy of the booklet by clicking here.

Naturally you can also rely on all the on-line guidebooks and the interactive guidebook here at Wenatchee Outdoors for all this information (and much more) as well. Copies of the Trips and Trails booklet, however, are handy to have around for visiting friends or to keep in the car.

Links to specific on-line guidebooks (these are good links to bookmark):