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One Resolution

I'm THAT person. The one who always has the predictable "get more organized," and "lose weight" on her list of New Year's resolutions. I should probably add "back up the computer more often" to that list since I'm rewriting this post due to a hard drive malfunction. 

Unfortunately, the Organizational Fairy hasn't visited me, my pants are too tight and my work is lost. Weary of having the same resolutions year after year, I decided to declare only one resolution for 2011. A single resolution that is feasible, inexpensive (I guess I can scratch Tahiti off the list) and promotes good health. The winner?

Instill my love of the outdoors in my son.


Roper slept while Toby slogged                     


Last year I wrote a post about the importance of making time to play outside, even with a newborn (you can read it here). I think my husband and I have done a great job of getting out with our son Roper, who is now sixteen months old. He’s been Nordic and downhill skiing. We’ve taken him hiking, sledding and even mountain biking. He’s splashed around in rivers and lakes. And of course he’s been camping. 

 The Steeres skiing Mission Ridge

The truth is that Roper had no choice but to join us. He was strapped down in a front carrier, back pack or bike trailer, unable to do anything but go along with our half-baked ideas. Beginning this year, I want Roper to be a willing participant in our adventures. I want him to turn to us and ask if we can go again. And again. And again.

I realize that this will mean shorter trails with many pit stops. Our ski days will be more aptly named “expensive cocoa outings” and our mountain biking will become unbearably tame. We will, against our every desire, call it a day while Roper is still having fun so he’ll want to come back.

It’s going to be frustrating at times. I understand that. But it’s worth it if it instills a lifetime love of the outdoors. Eventually, I want Roper to experience the thrill of fresh tracks, peak bagging and log rides. In the short-term, I just want him to enjoy playing outside…and wear himself out enough to actually nap.

Roper and Molly participated in the 2010 Turkey on the Run 5k. 

Do you have an outdoors-related resolution for 2011? Whether it’s to explore a particular trail, bag a peak, PR in a race, or learn a new sport, post your resolution in the comments section.