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Argonaut Peak NE Couloir

Attractions: The couloir is approximately 1,200 feet long varying in width from 50 feet down to 10 feet. It is mostly 35 degrees with a couple steeper sections of 40 to 45 degrees. In cold weather, after significant freeze/thaw, the couloir could be neve or ice. If the couloir is ice, it should be noted that there is ample rock protection on the rock walls or either side of the couloir. There is a pitch of mid-fifth-class climbing to exit the couloir and reach the summit-ridge system. Then third and fourth class climbing leads to the summit. 


Source:  This link at SummitPost.org provides a detailed trip description of the route. This is an excellent post and gives you everything needed to gear up for and follow the route 


Nearest Town: Leavenworth-Plain.


Skill(advanced) 2+ or 3 minus.

Fitness: 3 (advanced)

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