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Frenchman Coulee: Feathers and Sunshine Wall

The Feathers from a distance.


Attraction.  The Sunshine Wall and the Feathers are two of the most popular places to climb at Vantage/Frenchman Coulee. There are well-protected routes of all difficulty on solid rock.


Maps. See our map.


Skill: 2 (intermediate) these walls accommodate 5.6 climbers on up

Fitness: 2 (intermediate)

Shady Summer Climbing: Feathers: all day. Sunshine Wall: late afternoon into the evening or early mornings. 

Feathers - Sunshine Wall pdf: pictures and route info (this takes awhile to load).

The Feathers:
Free-standing eroded basalt columns suggesting the vertical plumage of pickled poultry, these eccentric geologic heirlooms feature good beginning and moderate sport routes on the north and south sides, affording either the protection from or warmth of the solar deity. Arguably the most popular area at Frenchman Coulee.

Sunshine Wall - Tilted Pillars:
Drop down Gully #2 and turn left (east) and the Tilted Pillars will appear immediately above. The good routes here are few but interesting. They are lower angle than most Coulee climbs, but you won’t get off easy! There are two 5.11’s and Pounded Again is a frustratingly thin exercise in palming, smearing and mantling.

Sunshine Wall - Left Section:
Farther east than the Tilted Pillars, these columns are taller and plumb vertical. Two of longest climbs on the Sunshine Wall reside here: The Chossmaster and Boschido.

Sunshine Wall - Near End:
The eastern termination of the Sunshine Wall, the first route you will see on your right as you are squirted out of the Near Trail tunnel is Ride ‘em Cowboy, a fun and super-popular climb.

An introduction to climbing at Frenchman Coulee. Learn about the area's environment, seasons, required permits, camping, geology, botany, bird life, other activities... (this takes a moment to load).


Trip Reporter: Selected Climbs of Frenchman Coulee has been compiled, photographed, and written by Marc A. Dilley, a Wenatchee-based climber well-versed in the area's routes and natural history.

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