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Devils Gulch - Mission Ridge

It's prime time to mountain bike the Devils Gulch Trail or hike the Mission Ridge Trail running parallel (and above) Devils Gulch. The grasses flanking these trails are blonde, the skies are blue, and the ponderosa trunks are orange. Temperatures are crisp on both ends of the day, the trail conditions are good, and we've got new maps attached to our guidebook descriptions to help you find your way.

Earlier we provided a general scale map that was not too useful if you found yourself misplaced. Now we've got two detailed topographic maps for the lower portion of the trails and for the upper trails. Feel free to get lost -- these maps will help bail you out of a jam. They'll also point you toward some new opportunities in the area.

Because the Devils Gulch Trail gets lots of mountain-bike traffic on weekends, we recommend riding down the trail on Saturdays and Sundays. On weekends hikers will probably have a better experience on the Mission Ridge Trail. Frankly hikers may prefer the Mission Ridge Trail at any time because its airier and delivers more views.

On weekdays, hiking on or riding up the Devils Gulch are far more viable options than weekends.