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Pipeline Trail

This is an excellent beginners ride for those with some single-track biking experience but wanting to negotiate a few obstacles on the trail. The trail is flat, skirts in and out of the forest, and you can end the ride with a stop at the Beehive Reservoir. The trail is fun for beginners and children because it involves climbing over a few logs, riding through short streams, and riding in and out of the woods.

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Activity: Mountain Biking
Nearest Town: Wenatchee
Skill Level: 1
Fitness Level: 1
Distance: The ride can range from as short as you want up to 6.5 miles, depending on the option you choose and how much energy you have.
Recommended Season: Most of the trail is shaded, so this is a good ride on those hot Wenatchee days when you're looking for something active that won't precipitate heat stroke.

--Drive up Squilchuck Road out of Wenatchee toward Mission Ridge.
--Pass Squilchuck State Park and continue toward Mission Ridge. At milepost 1, take a right on gravel road 9712 (locally referred to as the Beehive Road).
--Both ride options begin off of this road. You will pass the Beehive Reservoir at about mile 2.0 and many spur roads along the way, but continue on Road 9712. 

Trip Instructions:  
--Option #1 (Pipeline Trail): Drive 4.2 miles up Road 9712. The Devil’s Gulch parking lot is on the right and is well-signed. Park here and ride out of the parking lot back onto Road 9712. The road immediately makes a sharp bend to the right and the Pipeline Trail starts on the far side of the road at this bend. Get on the trail and just stay on it for 2.8 miles. At mile 2.8, you'll intersect the Mission Ridge Ski Area and you'll get an up-close look at Chair #1. This is a good place to turn around as the trail now takes a sharp run down the hill toward the ski lodge.
--Option #2 (Pipeline Trail plus more): To increase the round-trip ride from 5.5 miles to 6.5 miles, you can begin your ride at a different location. Drive up Road 9712 only 3.8 miles instead of the 4.2 miles for Option #1. There is a small “X-ing” sign on the road where you will want to park. At the “X-ing” sign look for the trail heading off to the right (there is a stop sign where the trail meets the road, so that should make it easy to find). You can ride this single-track for half a mile up to the Devil’s Gulch parking lot. This section of the trail is slightly uphill but the surface is smooth and should be relatively easy for children to negotiate. Continue the ride by following the instructions for Option #1, Pipeline Trail.

The biggest challenge for beginners on this ride is negotiating the rocks embedded in the trail. This is not a smooth ride through the forest…it requires the bike-riding confidence to navigate your way through some bumps. This would not be my choice of rides to introduce bikers to single-track (the See and Ski Trail is a better introductory ride). Start them on a smooth forest trail where all they have to think about is the keeping their bike on a narrow trail. This ride is one step harder.

Fees/Permits Needed: In the past a Northwest Forest Pass was needed for the Devil’s Gulch parking lot, but as of June, 2007 the need for a pass at this trailhead had been eliminated. 

Other rides from the same trailhead:  
From the Devil's Gulch Trailhead there are quite a few different rides (all of them harder) you can also:
1) Make a big circuit riding down the Devils Gulch Trail, riding roads back up to the Devil’s Gulch Trailhead. See the Devil's Gulch Guidebook entry.
3) Take the Pipeline Trail to either the Clara Lake Trail or all the way to Mission Ridge, descend to the paved road, descend .8 miles on the paved road to the Devil's Spur Trail and ride that trail back to the car. See guidebook for the Devil's Spur Trail
3) Ride 1.2 miles uphill from the Devil’s Gulch Trailhead along Road 9712, take the Squilchuck Trail over to the Clara Lake Trail, descend that trail to the Pipeline Trail, ride the Pipeline Trail back to the start. See the Hiking Guidebook (Pipeline-Squilchuck-Clara Lake Loop entry).
4) Ride 1.85 miles uphill from the Devil’s Gulch Trailhead along Road 9712, take the Mission Ridge Trail downhill for 3.9 miles until it intersects the Devils’ Gulch Trail, turn right and follow the Devils Gulch Trail (uphill) about 3.1 miles back to the Devils Gulch Trailhead, descend the Devils Spur Trail back to the car.

Condition Update: As of June 3, 2007 this trail was in very good shape. Many trees had come down over the trail during the winter but either do-gooders or Forest Service personnel have cleared the way.

Trip Reporter: Carolyn Griffin-Bugert. Original report prepared 8/2006. Updates added 6/2007 and 8/2008. 

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