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Silver Falls

One of the more popular family outings in the region. You've got waterfalls, cool structures (stone steps, log fences, CCC-styled benches, interesting bridges), nice views, and shade. And the loop trail is short.

Activity: Hiking, Family Fun
Nearest Town: Entiat
Skill Level: 2
Fitness Level: 2
Distance: 1.75 miles 
Elevation: You'll gain 650 vertical feet (a fair bit for a short hike). 

Access: Drive 97A just north of the bridge crossing the Entiat River. Turn (west) and drive up the Entiat River Road about 30 miles. Park at lot immediately before Silver Falls Campground. The trail starts up the road about 75 yards. 

Trip Instructions: Follow the obvious path. Not much to it. The trail climbs fairly steeply. After about 0.25 mile, you'll have the choice of whether you want to loop around the falls in a clockwise or counter-clockwise direction. The trail goes to several viewpoints and eventually crosses the creek forming Silver Falls above the falls.

It's interesting how the vegetation in the draw of the creek is West-side vegetation (cedar trees, hemlocks, grand firs...) Just 50 to 100 yards away the vegetation can be more indicative of dry forests (ponderosas). 

Fees/Permits: Northwest Forest Pass required for parking at the trailhead. You can self-register and purchase a day pass at the trailhead ($5 in 2005). The trails along the Entiat River Valley are examples of places where the Forest Service is doing the permit thing right -- if they require a pass, that pass should be sold at the trailheads where it is required. Other ranger districts should take note.

Additional Information: The Wenatchee World has printed a variety of articles about this hike. Rob Ollikainen's article (July 2007) gives a more descriptive report of the hike, or you can click here to read the details posted by the Forest Service (May 2008).

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