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Buck Mountain Ride

Ask just about any Methow Valley local what their go-to mountain bike ride is, and there is a fair chance they’ll respond, “Buck Mountain.” A balanced mixture of Forest Service Roads, jeep roads, and fantastic singletrack, Buck Mountain has a little for everyone complete with spectacular ridgeline views overlooking the Methow Valley. ...
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Sun Mountain Nordic Skiing

 The Sun Mountain trails are west of Winthrop and offer many Nordic ski loops on beautifully groomed trails. We've selected a variety of tours for different ability levels that are sure to please. Most of these leave from the Chickadee Warming Hut, but you can start right from Winthrop, too.
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Methow Valley Road Rides

The Methow Valley is already famous for its dirt and its mountain biking. This tends to eclipse the road riding available here...which is a shame because the combination of sun, dry weather, quiet roads, and diverse make Twisp, Winthrop, and Mazama fantastic places to bring a road bike. Here are a number of the best road rides in the area.
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Buck Mountain Ride

Ask a Methow Valley local for a favorite mountain bike ride and there is a fair chance you'll hear about Buck Mountain. A balanced mixture of forest roads, jeep roads, and singletrack, Buck Mountain has a little for everyone. It also delivers spectacular ridgeline views.

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Mazama & Winthrop Nordic Trails

The groomed trails of the Methow Valley are superb for Nordic skiers of all abilities. Around Winthrop most trails span scenic but fairly flat forests and farms. Mazama is a little higher and hillier and usually gets more snow. Here are our recommended trails near both towns.
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Lost River Trail

The hike up the Lost River is a hike to do when storms and clouds sock-in the high country, or when summer temperatures are blistering and you need shade and water to cool you. This is an enjoyable family outing when spring wildflowers are blooming, when the summer sun is blistering, and when autumn colors are changing.
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Scatter Lake - Abernathy Peak

If you’re the kind of hiker who believes the destination should not come easy; that when you arrive at Point B you should have more than paid your way in sweat and muscle, then Scatter Lake might just be the trip for you. Hot, steep, and dry - but also very beautiful.

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Copper Glance Lake

Tucked in a rocky hollow on Isabella Ridge is emerald-green Copper Glance Lake. What the tarn lacks in size it makes up for with impressive granite cliffs, lush meadows, plenty of hungry cutthroat cruising the waters, and a tough buy-in to get there. 
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Goat Peak Lookout

The car does most of the work, making short work of this hike to a 7,000-foot viewpoint with a commanding view of the Methow Valley below and the North Cascades on the horizon. On top of long views, the lookout itself is a unique attraction of this walk.
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Biking Lewis Butte

These are not only some of the closest trails to the Western-themed hub of Winthrop, they are also among the least traveled. Given their proximity to town, think about saddling up the trusty steed (the two-wheeled variety) and gettin' your cowboy on over to them.