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Northrup Canyon

This hike near Steamboat Rock State Park offers interesting human history, natural history, and geology. It also offers excellent rubber necking up at the surrounding cliffs. Whether you come for the academics or the aesthetics, you'll leave well pleased.
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Star Potential - Star Lake & Star Peak

She wanted a larch hike that would compare with last autumn’s hike through the Enchantments. “What else should we try?”
“Star Lake and Star Peak, "I told her. "It's gorgeous at any time, but doubly gorgeous when the larches turn gold."
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Cathedral Lakes Loop

Any way you cut it, the trip into Cathedral Lakes and Cathedral Peak is going to be a 40-plus-mile roundtrip jaunt, but the pilgrimage into the Pasayten Wilderness and to this peak sitting near the American-Canadian boundary is a prize worth the endeavor.

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Methow Valley Birding

The Methow Valley with its rivers and mountains, shrub-steppe and forests, low-lands and alpine zones has some of the most diverse bird habitat of anywhere in Washington State. Over 250 species of birds live or migrate through this watershed. This post lists a dozen places in the area to walk and view birds.

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Virginia Lake - Bike or Hike

Virginia Lake is one of the hundreds of small kettle lakes pocking the Okanogan Highlands east of the Okanogan River. The trip to this saline lake is an enjoyable and relatively easy outing. The route leaves from the north end of Soap Lake and follows a pretty, double-track road.

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Salt Hill Surprise

This double-track road system – suited to walking, trail running, and mountain biking – is a huge surprise. It’s almost a magic trick that a landscape appearing so nondescript at the start can hide so many topographic, geologic, and scenic aces.

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North Star Bike Loop - The Fury of Fire Ride

Forget a woman scorned. Hell really hath no fury like a forest burning where a century of fire exclusion has created an overload of fuel that is ready to burn at extremely high intensity. Over 250,000 acres in Okanogan County re-discovered the fury of fire during the summer of 2014 and this bike loop exposes you to that fury.
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Blue Lake (Sinlahekin)

Of all the bodies of water dutifully named 'Blue Lake' in Okanogan County, this particular Blue Lake in the Sinlahekin Valley is an exceptional place to cast a line for good-sized rainbow and brown trout.
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Ribbon Mesa Hikes

Charlie Hickenbottom prepared an interesting PDF of hikes in the Ribbon Mesa area (north of Entiat) accessed from Highway 97. He compiled information about parking, approaches, and hikes in a PDF you can download. We've summarized what you'll find at Ribbon Mesa to help you determine if Charlie's kind of exploration is your cup of tea.
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National Bike to Work Day - 2013

Some of the National ________ (fill-in the blank) Days border on the ridiculous. Who really cares about National Cotton Candy Day or National Stink-Bug Day? One day worth caring about, however, is National Bike to Work Day (May 17). If everyone biked to work and got hooked on the concept, it would change society. Here's how...