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Oval Pass and Eagle Pass--Trails and Climbs

The Oval Pass and Eagle Pass environs of the Chelan-Sawtooth Wilderness offer visitors miles of well-graded trails, a half-dozen 8,000-foot peaks with non-technical climbing routes, and larch forests that are the color of dollar bills in spring and the color of gold in autumn.

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Loomis NRCA - All Trails

The Loomis Natural Resources Conservation Area is a large chunk of state land just east of the Pasayten Wilderness and south of the Canadian/US border. The lands are a mix of healthy and decadent forests. They are also a mix of blissful and awful trails. Find out which trails here will appeal to whom.

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Schalow Mountain

Schalow Mountain rises up to the east of Sugarloaf Campground and is a pleasant (but steep) afternoon hike if camping at one of the surrounding lakes. The trail itself is not well-maintained but ends on a pretty ridgeline with small peaklets giving views of distant peaks and miniature lakes.
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Biking Lewis Butte

These are not only some of the closest trails to the Western-themed hub of Winthrop, they are also among the least traveled. Given their proximity to town, think about saddling up the trusty steed (the two-wheeled variety) and gettin' your cowboy on over to them.

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Sun Mountain Mishmash

The marketing spiel of many destinations make the promise of 'something for everyone', but the 30 miles of trails around Sun Mountain Lodge actually deliver. Ranging from mellow Beaver Pond doubletrack, to short and fast intermediate trails like Magpie (perfect for making hot laps), to the former downhill race course, just about any rider can find something they’ll enjoy here. For newcomers to the area, we've selected some of the best ...
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Winter Creekin'

Winter brings a variety of adventure sport opportunities to the region. James Moore tells how 'creekin’ is a charming and challenging combination of hiking and ice climbing. All that is needed is a frozen creek and a few basic pieces of equipment...

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Land Trust Goes Big

The Land Trust announced on February 20 that they are shooting the moon and going big. In an effort that will be the biggest fund-raising campaign launched by a non-profit in the Wenatchee Valley, the CDLT is raising $8.1 million to double the amount of protected open space in the Wenatchee Foothills. What does this mean to the area now and in the future? A whole lot more than you might think.