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Trails in Motion Film Festival

RunWenatchee will host the international Trails In Motion Film Festival at 7 p.m. April 12 at the Numerica Performing Arts Center in downtown Wenatchee. The event features seven trail running films shot around the world with themes that range from adventure and endurance to personal discovery and community.
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Whistler Canyon Trails

This trail leaves right from the outskirts of Oroville and gains elevation fast, giving walkers, mountain bikers, and trail runners good views out over the Okanogan Valley and providing a great network of local trail exploration.
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Biking Lewis Butte

These are not only some of the closest trails to the Western-themed hub of Winthrop, they are also among the least traveled. Given their proximity to town, think about saddling up the trusty steed (the two-wheeled variety) and gettin' your cowboy on over to them.

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Mary Lou Guerrero - Igniting the Light

Mary Lou Guerrero says,"When I couldn’t even complete a ten-mile walk, I knew I was in trouble. I was 5 feet tall, weighed 216 pounds, and depressed
. Any brightness inside of me had gone terribly dim." Trail running and hiking saved her life. If you're bristling with excuses about why you don't outdoors, read this story.
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The Middle-Aged Marathoner

A lot of us participate in, and excel at a sport called "making up excuses."  If a middle-aged woman a year shy of 50 who wasn't previously a runner, could take up the pursuit and, 7 months later, run a marathon, do any of us really have an excuse to aim too low?