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Mud is Our March Madness

"This time of year I think about our valley in  E.E. Cummings’ terms  as “mud-luscious” and “puddle-wonderful.” During this in-between season, consider heading to a local riverside park, swimming beach, or boat launch to experience a muddy adventure. You may want to take a child along to make sure to witness first-hand the delight of new discoveries.

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Lost River Trail

It’s neither a spectacular nor a bucket-list type of hike, but this riverine ramble rates as a very pleasant fallback. We particularly like this hike in early to mid-October when the broadleaf understory  will have you wondering whether a higher power is speaking to you through the medium of a flaming, yellow bush.
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River Birds Quiz

Last month we posted a slideshow quiz of the most common "trailside" birds in the Wenatchee Valley. Now, here's the companion "waterside birds" quiz with the birds you're most likely to spot during a paddle or hike along the Columbia or the Wenatchee.