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The Paleozoics and Cenozoic of Silver Star

We’re mainly a gray brigade of ski tourers who have assembled to ski Silver Star Mountain. To prove we’re inclusive, however, we invite Cyrus Desmarais, age 24, to join us. By the end of the day Cy is seriously questioning whether he should ever ski with such paleozoics again.

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Sun Mountain Nordic Skiing

 The Sun Mountain trails are west of Winthrop and offer many Nordic ski loops on beautifully groomed trails. We've selected a variety of tours for different ability levels that are sure to please. Most of these leave from the Chickadee Warming Hut, but you can start right from Winthrop, too.
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Washington Pass Climbing

With its rock domes and its sharp granite needles, Washington Pass is the closest thing our state has to the Bugaboos or Chamonix. This post will link you to online resources to climb classic routes on the Wine Spires, Liberty Bell, Early Winters Spires, Silver Star, Cutthroat, and more.
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Methow Valley Birding

The Methow Valley with its rivers and mountains, shrub-steppe and forests, low-lands and alpine zones has some of the most diverse bird habitat of anywhere in Washington State. Over 250 species of birds live or migrate through this watershed. This post lists a dozen places in the area to walk and view birds.

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Methow Valley Road Rides

The Methow Valley is already famous for its dirt and its mountain biking. This tends to eclipse the road riding available here...which is a shame because the combination of sun, dry weather, quiet roads, and diverse make Twisp, Winthrop, and Mazama fantastic places to bring a road bike. Here are a number of the best road rides in the area.
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Birthday Tour

Washington Pass is arguably the Northwest's best spring destination for backcountry skiers and the Birthday Tour is one of the most popular tours at Washington Pass. The scenery, quality of skiing, circular route, and variety of terrain all make its classic status well deserved.

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Graduation Tour

Try this beautiful and  varied ski tour in the Washington Pass area. It will have you cramponing up frozen slopes, skiing sun-softened bowls, climbing through multiple gaps, enjoying panoramic views, and descending steep slopes. When you're ready to graduate from the Birthday Tour, step up to this one. 
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Rendezvous Nordic Skiing

The Rendezvous Trails are situated between Mazama and Winthrop but are higher and to the north. Maintained by the Methow Valley Sports Trail Association (MVSTA), they are best accessed at the Cub Creek Trailhead. Here are some recommended trails to ski here.

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Mazama & Winthrop Nordic Trails

The groomed trails of the Methow Valley are superb for Nordic skiers of all abilities. Around Winthrop most trails span scenic but fairly flat forests and farms. Mazama is a little higher and hillier and usually gets more snow. Here are our recommended trails near both towns.
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Lost River Trail

It’s neither a spectacular nor a bucket-list type of hike, but this riverine ramble rates as a very pleasant fallback. We particularly like this hike in early to mid-October when the broadleaf understory  will have you wondering whether a higher power is speaking to you through the medium of a flaming, yellow bush.