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Cameron-Delfeld Glaciation Loop

The ice ages of the Pleistocene Epoch 2.6 million to 11,000 years ago had a dramatic role in shaping surface and the topography of North Central Washington. On this ride near Brewster, you’ll see topography shaped by ice that was once thousands of feet deep.... 

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Malott to Monse Paddling

While driving the shuttle for this trip you might rate this section of river to be a Plain Jane, with roads and farms lining both sides. But once you’re down in the trench of the river, your vision is contained to the river and itself and the higher mountains, and suddenly it seems a whole lot more scenic than what you imagined.

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Bridgeport to Brewster Paddle

A trip that starts in the fast, smooth current of the Columbia and finishes on the calm water of Pateros Lake. For birders, the Bridgeport Bar State Wildlife area is rich with all manners of birds, from swallows to pelicans. For all paddlers the wetlands lining the Columbia provide a relaxing escape.