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Northrup Canyon

This hike near Steamboat Rock State Park offers interesting human history, natural history, and geology. It also offers excellent rubber necking up at the surrounding cliffs. Whether you come for the academics or the aesthetics, you'll leave well pleased.
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The Larch Marathon

The spousal ace had been played  and he was expected to serve mother-in-law duty over the weekend. Then came a miracle and circumstances gave him a get-out-of jail-free card. The trick now: Making his wife believe the larch marathon was a misery she was lucky to miss.

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Star Potential - Star Lake & Star Peak

She wanted a larch hike that would compare with last autumn’s hike through the Enchantments. “What else should we try?”
“Star Lake and Star Peak, "I told her. "It's gorgeous at any time, but doubly gorgeous when the larches turn gold."
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A Perfect Day in Pasayten

The thinnest of frost coats the yellow September grass at the trailhead. The morning sun is spotlighting the highest summits but it will be hours before its warmth kisses the valley.  I leave the car at a fast clip -- a long day lies ahead. Eleven hours later I stagger back -- the body may be shot, but days don't get much better than this.