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The Paleozoics and Cenozoic of Silver Star

We’re mainly a gray brigade of ski tourers who have assembled to ski Silver Star Mountain. To prove we’re inclusive, however, we invite Cyrus Desmarais, age 24, to join us. By the end of the day Cy is seriously questioning whether he should ever ski with such paleozoics again.

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NSAW & Avalanches - 2015 Update

Over 600 backcountry skiers and snowboarders recently attended the 9th Annual Northwest Snow and Avalanche Workshop in Seattle. A few dozen of us from locations east of the Cascades attended and one presentation discussing hazard evaluation and decision making in avalanche terrain was particularly valuable and deserves wider use.

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Birthday Tour

Washington Pass is arguably the Northwest's best spring destination for backcountry skiers and the Birthday Tour is one of the most popular tours at Washington Pass. The scenery, quality of skiing, circular route, and variety of terrain all make its classic status well deserved.

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Graduation Tour

Try this beautiful and  varied ski tour in the Washington Pass area. It will have you cramponing up frozen slopes, skiing sun-softened bowls, climbing through multiple gaps, enjoying panoramic views, and descending steep slopes. When you're ready to graduate from the Birthday Tour, step up to this one. 
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A Tale of Two Fathers Day

Glen Carlson writes philosophically and poetically about chance encounters ... and about crazed fathers from Wenatchee celebrating Father's Day with daughters in much the same way ... by fleeing Dodge and getting outdoors.

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Reynolds-Rennie Loop: The Wallowas of Chelan County

The Wallowa Mountains tower over the plains of northeastern Oregon. I cut my teeth there as a backcountry skier so they are near and dear to me. When it comes to skiing beautiful Wallowaesque terrain, however, the mountains of the Chelan Sawtooth Wilderness are less visited and a whole lot closer...

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A New Quiet on The Western Front

In early April, big news went down regarding snowmobile use on Forest Service lands. A federal court stated the Forest Service needs to manage snowmobile use on its lands. The case was decided in Idaho but may soon improve the outdoor experience for skiiers and snowshoers visiting the Okanogan-Wenatchee National Forest.

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Risks and Rewards - Skiing the Backcountry with Kids

Mike Lanza of The Big Outside sent us this piece about teaching his son Nate to backcountry ski. At age 12, Nate already views grueling uphill slogs as "an awesome opportunity to get exercise and be outdoors. The downhill is just an epic bonus." We like this kid.

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With Great Powder Comes Great Responsibility

Though she hates to admit it, lately Heather Dappen has been following in her father’s footsteps. While learning to backcountry ski, she's shadowed his skin track in the hunt for boot-top powder and the “Far-Too-Gnar-Couloir”. Along the way she's recognized the need for more avalanche training and took a class. Lessons learned include....

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Fire and Fluff

Tyee Mountain is better known as a firefighter’s mountain than a skier's mountain. Twice in recent history it has erupted in flames when massive wildfires burned in the Entiat Valley. All that burning has opened up a lot of north-facing ground for powder skiing, making it an intriguing combination of ash and stash.