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Backcountry Film Festival - Year 11

Winter approaches and, along with it, a local event, now in its 11th year, that helps local skiers and snowshoers get primed for the months ahead -- the Backcountry Film Fest. The Backcountry Film Festival receives submissions from filmmakers all over the world and highlights the best of the backcountry experience.

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Backcountry Ski and Snowboard Routes

This book ($25) is both a bargain and a goldmine for backcountry skiers looking for the best beta on many of Washington’s best lines. Some 25 of the book’s 81 ascents are here in North Central Washington-- which gets our geographic relevance to the state's best skiing right. The route information is also top notch ... but be aware that we have a confession to make.
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Reynolds South Peak - At Last

As a resident of Chelan, Coron has spent most of his life stomping around the Chelan-Sawtooth wilderness; yet after many failed attempts, he had yet to stand atop the south summit of Reynolds Peak, the third highest peak in the wilderness. Recently he struck off for that elusive goal again.

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Snowshoeing Navigation

The final class in the WenatcheeOutdoors snowshoeing course, sponsored by the city and Subaru, focused on backcountry navigation. These notes from the class discuss navigational tools (maps, compass, GPS) and tips for effectively using them.
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Avalanche ABCs for Snowshoers

For the third installment of our Snowshoeing course, Tom Janisch presented on avalanche awareness. These notes from the class give avalanche statistics, avalanche mechanics, evaluating hazards, slide warning signs, and field tests for snow stability. Thanks to Subaru, and the City Wenatchee for helping sponsor these classes.

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Washington Pass Birthday Tour

The Birthday Tour is a classic ski tour by Washington Pass that many of our local  backcountry skiers try to visit every year or three.  Cathy Gaylord  tells how her birthday wish for a backcountry tour came true.