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NSAW & Avalanches - 2015 Update

Over 600 backcountry skiers and snowboarders recently attended the 9th Annual Northwest Snow and Avalanche Workshop in Seattle. A few dozen of us from locations east of the Cascades attended and one presentation discussing hazard evaluation and decision making in avalanche terrain was particularly valuable and deserves wider use.

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New Gear - 2015/16

An occasional leap year; then many incremental steps. That’s what hikers, climbers, skiers, snowhoers, and runners are likely to see each year at the Outdoor Retailer Show in Salt Lake City. Here's a recap of some leaps and steps noticed this year.
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K2 Waybacks - The One Ski?

It's a question we ask many skiers: If you had to stick to one ski for all conditions, all seasons, and all uses (downhill and backcountry), what would your platform look like and what ski would you get? Here's one skiers answer.