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Steamboat Rock: It's Not A Rock

We had been wandering around the perimeter of Steamboat ‘Rock’ for over an hour when my wife commented, "You know, this is not a rock. Rocks have little summits. This is huge up here. This should be called Steamboat Butte."

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Northrup Canyon

This hike near Steamboat Rock State Park offers interesting human history, natural history, and geology. It also offers excellent rubber necking up at the surrounding cliffs. Whether you come for the academics or the aesthetics, you'll leave well pleased.
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Sun Lakes-Dry Falls Outings

Sun Lakes - Dry Falls State Park near Coulee City offers a menu of relatively tame outdoor outings highlighted with a few dashes of craziness. That seems appropriate given that most of the region’s geologic history has been relatively tame...except for the occasional dash of extreme craziness.

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Blue Lake (Sinlahekin)

Of all the bodies of water dutifully named 'Blue Lake' in Okanogan County, this particular Blue Lake in the Sinlahekin Valley is an exceptional place to cast a line for good-sized rainbow and brown trout.
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The Okanogan River - Omak to Malott

This section of the Okanogan River dissects the county’s heaviest population centers as it skirts the edges of the towns of Omak and Okanogan. Surprisingly, as you float between these pods of development, you'll see wild scenery and wildlife.

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The Waters of Omak Lake

It’s a lake of distinctions and surprises. It’s the longest natural lake in Okanogan County. It’s the largest saline lake in Washington State. It’s a tropical blue lake surrounded by a brown desert landscape. It’s a lake whose shorelines are virtually devoid of development yet one that...

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Bridgeport to Brewster Paddle

A trip that starts in the fast, smooth current of the Columbia and finishes on the calm water of Pateros Lake. For birders, the Bridgeport Bar State Wildlife area is rich with all manners of birds, from swallows to pelicans. For all paddlers the wetlands lining the Columbia provide a relaxing escape. 

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Chopaka Lake

Chopaka Lake is pretty mountain lake known for its fishing. The lake, about 1.5 miles long, is for non-motorized boats only and is also fly-fishing only. Besides the fishing, the lake provides nice primitive car camping, nice canoeing, and a comfortable swimming hole on a hot day.
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Copper Glance Lake

Tucked in a rocky hollow on Isabella Ridge is emerald-green Copper Glance Lake. What the tarn lacks in size it makes up for with impressive granite cliffs, lush meadows, plenty of hungry cutthroat cruising the waters, and a tough buy-in to get there. 
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Beth and Beaver Lakes

This flat, forested trail contours along the side of two lakes, giving hikers a nice chance to stretch the legs while escaping the heat of mid-summer, passing several spots where walkers can wet a fishing line or take a swim.