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Wanderings on Funk Mountain

In the mood to get out, but not in the mood to exert too much energy? Maybe just want to zip up to a prominent high point to watch the day end? Funk Mountain is that kind of place.

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2nd Annual Moose Dewlap Citizen Trek

The 2nd Annual Moose Dewlap Citizen Trek for the L.W.S.C. was a great success. The L.W.S.C. is pumped with the amount of skiers who showed and they are already looking forward to Moose Dewlap next year! Get the scoop from Mark Milliette the General Manager for L.W.S.C. in this article.

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Equestrian Skijoring

You thought Skijoring was for the dogs? Think again. Skijoring was coined in the 1920's by the Norwegians to mean "ski drive" and is the action of being pulled over snow on skis by a dog, horse, or motor vehicle. Check out this video and get the details for a skijoring demo in the Methow.
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Sun Mountain Nordic Skiing

 The Sun Mountain trails are west of Winthrop and offer many Nordic ski loops on beautifully groomed trails. We've selected a variety of tours for different ability levels that are sure to please. Most of these leave from the Chickadee Warming Hut, but you can start right from Winthrop, too.
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Jumpen Jack Fox

This video was circulating several years ago. Even if you saw it then, it’s worth re-watching. And if this is the first time around for you, enjoy.

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Backcountry Film Festival - Year 11

Winter approaches and, along with it, a local event, now in its 11th year, that helps local skiers and snowshoers get primed for the months ahead -- the Backcountry Film Fest. The Backcountry Film Festival receives submissions from filmmakers all over the world and highlights the best of the backcountry experience.

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Star Potential - Star Lake & Star Peak

She wanted a larch hike that would compare with last autumn’s hike through the Enchantments. “What else should we try?”
“Star Lake and Star Peak, "I told her. "It's gorgeous at any time, but doubly gorgeous when the larches turn gold."
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Methow Valley Birding

The Methow Valley with its rivers and mountains, shrub-steppe and forests, low-lands and alpine zones has some of the most diverse bird habitat of anywhere in Washington State. Over 250 species of birds live or migrate through this watershed. This post lists a dozen places in the area to walk and view birds.

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Methow Valley Road Rides

The Methow Valley is already famous for its dirt and its mountain biking. This tends to eclipse the road riding available here...which is a shame because the combination of sun, dry weather, quiet roads, and diverse make Twisp, Winthrop, and Mazama fantastic places to bring a road bike. Here are a number of the best road rides in the area.
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Virginia Lake - Bike or Hike

Virginia Lake is one of the hundreds of small kettle lakes pocking the Okanogan Highlands east of the Okanogan River. The trip to this saline lake is an enjoyable and relatively easy outing. The route leaves from the north end of Soap Lake and follows a pretty, double-track road.