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Ptarmigan Traverse Extended Trek Part 2

Part two of the extended version of the Ptarmigan Traverse. Our eigth day started bright and sunny and we hiked through the Hanging Gardens. The area lived up to its reputation, consisting of a wide ridge with scattered high alpine meadows, flower fields, small lakelets, copses of trees, expansive views, and many idyllic campsites.
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The Ptarmigan Traverse Extended Trek

“We were wanderers from the beginning.” Thus Carl Sagan begins his book Pale Blue Dot. How true for many of my friends and I, thus the lure of long wilderness treks in beautiful high country is hard to resist. Nature wanderers moving to NCW soon hear of the Ptarmigan Traverse......

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Cascades Rock

Blake Herrington has created a book called Cascades Rock which is published and for sale this month. The book covers everything from popular roadside climbs to never-repeated alpine adventures. Blake's hope is to include every good rock-centric long climb in the range, at any grade and of any age. This includes driving, hiking, camping, descent, and gear information for each climb.

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Rise of the 'Mids'

In the outdoor world where needed equipment is usually strapped to your back, less is often more. Such is the case with floorless tents that rise from a wide base to a narrow apex and are generally referred to as pyramids, megamids or ‘mids'. Read our biased report about why these tents rule.

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NSAW & Avalanches - 2015 Update

Over 600 backcountry skiers and snowboarders recently attended the 9th Annual Northwest Snow and Avalanche Workshop in Seattle. A few dozen of us from locations east of the Cascades attended and one presentation discussing hazard evaluation and decision making in avalanche terrain was particularly valuable and deserves wider use.

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Oval Pass and Eagle Pass--Trails and Climbs

The Oval Pass and Eagle Pass environs of the Chelan-Sawtooth Wilderness offer visitors miles of well-graded trails, a half-dozen 8,000-foot peaks with non-technical climbing routes, and larch forests that are the color of dollar bills in spring and the color of gold in autumn.

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The Larch Marathon

The spousal ace had been played  and he was expected to serve mother-in-law duty over the weekend. Then came a miracle and circumstances gave him a get-out-of jail-free card. The trick now: Making his wife believe the larch marathon was a misery she was lucky to miss.

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Washington Pass Climbing

With its rock domes and its sharp granite needles, Washington Pass is the closest thing our state has to the Bugaboos or Chamonix. This post will link you to online resources to climb classic routes on the Wine Spires, Liberty Bell, Early Winters Spires, Silver Star, Cutthroat, and more.
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Better Than Tape

Duct tape is great -- a wad of it should be in every outdoorsman’s repair kit. If you want the best outdoor-equipment fix-it item of them all, however, put aside the duct tape and roll out a tube of SeamGrip. Here's a dozen ways to use this fix-it savant.

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Climbing Mt. Bigelow

Mt. Bigelow is a fairly high yet somewhat obscure peak in the Lake Chelan-Sawtooth Wilderness. It's a gorgeous area with quite a number of peaks to scramble in the nearby vicinity. Here's what you need to know about climbing Bigelow.