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Cameron-Delfeld Glaciation Loop

The ice ages of the Pleistocene Epoch 2.6 million to 11,000 years ago had a dramatic role in shaping surface and the topography of North Central Washington. On this ride near Brewster, you’ll see topography shaped by ice that was once thousands of feet deep.... 

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Methow Valley Birding

The Methow Valley with its rivers and mountains, shrub-steppe and forests, low-lands and alpine zones has some of the most diverse bird habitat of anywhere in Washington State. Over 250 species of birds live or migrate through this watershed. This post lists a dozen places in the area to walk and view birds.

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Virginia Lake - Bike or Hike

Virginia Lake is one of the hundreds of small kettle lakes pocking the Okanogan Highlands east of the Okanogan River. The trip to this saline lake is an enjoyable and relatively easy outing. The route leaves from the north end of Soap Lake and follows a pretty, double-track road.

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Salt Hill Surprise

This double-track road system – suited to walking, trail running, and mountain biking – is a huge surprise. It’s almost a magic trick that a landscape appearing so nondescript at the start can hide so many topographic, geologic, and scenic aces.

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Soap Lake Rides

Apart from Omak Lake, Soap Lake (157 acres in size) is the largest saline lake in the Okanogan Highlands east immediately east of the Okanogan River. Riding the gravel road to and beyond Soap Lake akes for a fun outing, especially in spring when wildflowers color the hills.

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North Star Bike Loop - The Fury of Fire Ride

Forget a woman scorned. Hell really hath no fury like a forest burning where a century of fire exclusion has created an overload of fuel that is ready to burn at extremely high intensity. Over 250,000 acres in Okanogan County re-discovered the fury of fire during the summer of 2014 and this bike loop exposes you to that fury.
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The Okanogan River - Omak to Malott

This section of the Okanogan River dissects the county’s heaviest population centers as it skirts the edges of the towns of Omak and Okanogan. Surprisingly, as you float between these pods of development, you'll see wild scenery and wildlife.

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Bridgeport to Brewster Paddle

A trip that starts in the fast, smooth current of the Columbia and finishes on the calm water of Pateros Lake. For birders, the Bridgeport Bar State Wildlife area is rich with all manners of birds, from swallows to pelicans. For all paddlers the wetlands lining the Columbia provide a relaxing escape. 

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Lookout Mountain Overlook

For a short hike near Twisp, head up Lookout Mountain Road. The views from the top are stellar and there are off-shoot trails to explore. This short walk makes a good  family outing or a scenic trail run. Finally, there is a small campsite at the top where you might want to roll out a sleeping bag under the stars.

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Chiliwist Butte

The Methow River Valley has front country single-track trails in spades -- it also has hikers and mountain bikers in spades. In contrast, the dirt roads and double-tracks flanking the Okanogan River Valley are wider and less intimate, but you'll have them all to yourself. Many of these roads are incredibly scenic and still tremendously fun to ride or walk.