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Mt. Bonaparte - A Tale of Two Trails

Long a popular trek with Boy Scouts staying at Camp Bonaparte below, Mt. Bonaparte is a wooded, alpine island in a sea of rolling farmland. It’s also one of the few fire lookouts still manned in high fire season, giving a historical aspect to this high perch.

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Buck Mountain Ride

Ask just about any Methow Valley local what their go-to mountain bike ride is, and there is a fair chance they’ll respond, “Buck Mountain.” A balanced mixture of Forest Service Roads, jeep roads, and fantastic singletrack, Buck Mountain has a little for everyone complete with spectacular ridgeline views overlooking the Methow Valley. ...
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Cameron-Delfeld Glaciation Loop

The ice ages of the Pleistocene Epoch 2.6 million to 11,000 years ago had a dramatic role in shaping surface and the topography of North Central Washington. On this ride near Brewster, you’ll see topography shaped by ice that was once thousands of feet deep.... 

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Faster Without Pedaling

Alright ya'll it is getting near mountain bike season. Let's get ready to ride! Check out this video Faster Without Pedaling to learn some new tricks of the trade.
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Northrup Canyon

This hike near Steamboat Rock State Park offers interesting human history, natural history, and geology. It also offers excellent rubber necking up at the surrounding cliffs. Whether you come for the academics or the aesthetics, you'll leave well pleased.
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Sun Lakes-Dry Falls Outings

Sun Lakes - Dry Falls State Park near Coulee City offers a menu of relatively tame outdoor outings highlighted with a few dashes of craziness. That seems appropriate given that most of the region’s geologic history has been relatively tame...except for the occasional dash of extreme craziness.

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Tiffany Highlands - Epic or Stupid Adventure?

A fine line separates an epic adventure from complete stupidity, as discovered on a unique alpine mountain bike loop through the Tiffany Highlands, an endeavor barely completed through the power of optimism.

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Cooney Lake - Heat Wave Escape

In hot weather the three elements for beating the heat in the outdoors are shade, water, and elevation. Cooney Lake gives you all three. Furthermore, the area is not heavily used and the views from the peak above the lake are hard to beat but easy to reach.

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Methow Valley Road Rides

The Methow Valley is already famous for its dirt and its mountain biking. This tends to eclipse the road riding available here...which is a shame because the combination of sun, dry weather, quiet roads, and diverse make Twisp, Winthrop, and Mazama fantastic places to bring a road bike. Here are a number of the best road rides in the area.
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Buck Mountain Ride

Ask a Methow Valley local for a favorite mountain bike ride and there is a fair chance you'll hear about Buck Mountain. A balanced mixture of forest roads, jeep roads, and singletrack, Buck Mountain has a little for everyone. It also delivers spectacular ridgeline views.