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A Ski for All Snowshoers

It was a world-record gathering of ‘Hoksters’ with 75 people arriving to learn about or to test 'Hoks,'  a product some call a sliding snowshoe, others a grippy ski. This short, wide ski has a permanent climbing skin covering half its length for grip going up and to control speed coming down.

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A Tale of Two 'Mids'

A review of two pyramid-styled tents: The Mega Light from Black Diamond and the Ultamid 4 from Hyperlite Mountain Gear. The Mega Light gets the nod for best value -- it's a quality product at an affordable price. The Ultamid gets kudos for being the best product, but the added space, increased strength, and reduced weight will cost you.

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Rise of the 'Mids'

In the outdoor world where needed equipment is usually strapped to your back, less is often more. Such is the case with floorless tents that rise from a wide base to a narrow apex and are generally referred to as pyramids, megamids or ‘mids'. Read our biased report about why these tents rule.

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Backcountry Film Festival - Year 11

Winter approaches and, along with it, a local event, now in its 11th year, that helps local skiers and snowshoers get primed for the months ahead -- the Backcountry Film Fest. The Backcountry Film Festival receives submissions from filmmakers all over the world and highlights the best of the backcountry experience.

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NSAW & Avalanches - 2015 Update

Over 600 backcountry skiers and snowboarders recently attended the 9th Annual Northwest Snow and Avalanche Workshop in Seattle. A few dozen of us from locations east of the Cascades attended and one presentation discussing hazard evaluation and decision making in avalanche terrain was particularly valuable and deserves wider use.

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K2 Waybacks - The One Ski?

It's a question we ask many skiers: If you had to stick to one ski for all conditions, all seasons, and all uses (downhill and backcountry), what would your platform look like and what ski would you get? Here's one skiers answer.

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Better Than Tape

Duct tape is great -- a wad of it should be in every outdoorsman’s repair kit. If you want the best outdoor-equipment fix-it item of them all, however, put aside the duct tape and roll out a tube of SeamGrip. Here's a dozen ways to use this fix-it savant.

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Rainy Pass Skiing (North)

Local backcountry skiers know that the mountains flanking the North Cascades Scenic Highway (Highway 20) near Rainy and Washington passes provide some of the country’s premier ski touring. Now skiers from places as far away as Colorado and New Hampshire are arriving to ski here.

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Pruning on the Go

We live in an era of shrinking budgets affording trail maintenance on our backcountry trails. We also live in an area where the agencies managing our frontcountry trails lack deep pockets for much trail maintenance. So what’s a dedicated trail user to do in keeping the trails (s)he frequents in good shape?
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Island Park Trail

Two islands at the south end of the town of Okanogan had all but been forgotten. But in 2010 high school students started converting this riverside area into a preserve that now offers local residents an extremely pleasant place to walk, run, and observe wildlife.