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Jumpen Jack Fox

This video was circulating several years ago. Even if you saw it then, it’s worth re-watching. And if this is the first time around for you, enjoy.

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Tiffany Highlands - Epic or Stupid Adventure?

A fine line separates an epic adventure from complete stupidity, as discovered on a unique alpine mountain bike loop through the Tiffany Highlands, an endeavor barely completed through the power of optimism.

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Frisco Mountain Solstice Skiing

They are intrigued about spending the summer solstice skiing Baker but the drive is ugly long, the forecast ugly wet. “What about skiing Frisco Mountain?” I suggest. The drive is beautifully short and the weather beautifully nicer. They agree beautiful beats ugly, and to Frisco we go.
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The Winthrop Traverse

Following is Sam Naney‘s account of his effort during Recreation Northwest's Bellingham Multi-Sport Traverse in 2013. Naney is part of a Winthrop team creating a similar experience in the Methow Valley. The Winthrop Traverse will be held June 14, 2014.

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Sliking: The Secret to Feeling Eight Again

Carolyn Grow Dailey writes about a sport unknown to most: ‘Sliking’ (a combination of sledding and hiking). It's fun, good exercise, and scenic. Better still, it unlocks your inner child and makes you feel like you're eight-years-old again.

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Best Outdoor Products

Recently we put out an email to about 50 locals who we know to be serious about their outdoor passion and whose opinions we value. We asked them to tell us about  products that they have used and tested extensively, that have become favorite products, and that they would recommend to others without hesitation. Here's what we found out...

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Drinking a Pine so Divine

Close your eyes, inhale the essence of pine, and let this tea transport you from the office to the middle of a forest. Add several astonishing health benefits and you may make pine-needle tea a morning staple. Read about those benefits and how to make this tea.
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Ribbon Mesa Hikes

Charlie Hickenbottom prepared an interesting PDF of hikes in the Ribbon Mesa area (north of Entiat) accessed from Highway 97. He compiled information about parking, approaches, and hikes in a PDF you can download. We've summarized what you'll find at Ribbon Mesa to help you determine if Charlie's kind of exploration is your cup of tea.
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Reynolds South Peak - At Last

As a resident of Chelan, Coron has spent most of his life stomping around the Chelan-Sawtooth wilderness; yet after many failed attempts, he had yet to stand atop the south summit of Reynolds Peak, the third highest peak in the wilderness. Recently he struck off for that elusive goal again.

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Reynolds-Rennie Loop: The Wallowas of Chelan County

The Wallowa Mountains tower over the plains of northeastern Oregon. I cut my teeth there as a backcountry skier so they are near and dear to me. When it comes to skiing beautiful Wallowaesque terrain, however, the mountains of the Chelan Sawtooth Wilderness are less visited and a whole lot closer...